Review: Cherish Me
CHERISH ME - Farrah Rochon
Wandering Road Press

June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW:  CHERISH ME by Farrah Rochon is the next installment in her popular The Holmes Brothers Series. This book brings us the love story of Harrison and Willow Holmes. CHERISH ME tells the story of the couple’s perfect marriage as seen by their family and friends.

The story explores where it left off in
AWAKEN ME, when Harrison and Willow tell the family that they will be taking a break for a while. Of course, everyone in the family is stunned because the couple is the definition of a perfect marriage.

CHERISH ME begins with Harrison and Willow deciding to take a break from each other to work on their marriage. The couple knows that they have hit a snag in their seventeen-year marriage and they both want to fix it.  Harrison and Willow know that they both love each other; they just have to figure out when the communication stopped between them and became complacent.

The reader gets a chance to revisit some of the characters from the previous books in the series. It was great catching up with the Holmes family. We also get to follow Harrison and Willow as they rekindle their love and romance. The reader gets to follow the couple as they travel to Italy for their anniversary. I felt I was in Italy while reading

Ms. Rochon shows us that marriage is not easy and perfect. Harrison and Willow had to remember all the good times. The couple also had to remember what they both loved about each other. Saving their marriage was the ultimate goal. Do Harrison and Willow succeed?  You will have to read
CHERISH ME to find out.

I enjoyed reading
CHERISH ME! I couldn’t put the book down! The book has all of the elements of romance that I love. Ms. Rochon has a way of writing that pulls me in from the first few lines of her books. Reading about love is always a joy. Ms. Rochon has me looking forward to reading the next installment in the Holmes Brothers series.

2nd August 2018 |