Review: Campaign For Her Heart
CAMPAIGN FOR HER HEART - Patricia Sargeant
Mediopolis Communications

November 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A+
REVIEW:  CAMPAIGN FOR HER HEART is a well-written timely story that places the reader in the middle of a hotly contested election. There are a number of things I like about this story. First, the person running for office of State Senator is, Gwendolyn Taylor, the heroine, who is a community activist and very dedicated to issues that resonate with the constituents of her community. Gwen is a woman of age who has grown children, and a desire to see that her community, specifically the African American community, is represented by a person who will serve the people rather than themselves. State Senator Dexter Jackson is currently in office and up for re-election. However, people like Gwen think his time is up.

After deliberately missing two meetings with Gwen and her associates, Senator Jackson’s campaign manager, Noah Barrow, steps in to try to smooth things over with the committee of three. However, they are not buying it. We also learn that there is history between Noah and Gwen. Despite their previous relationship, Gwen is not having it. When they leave the Senator’s office, Noah realizes that he has lost three votes. Moreover, the woman who walked away from him thirty years ago has walked away again obviously displeased with his boss and him. The storyline successfully takes off from here with Gwen becoming the desired candidate to oppose the incumbent Senator. Noah, disgruntled with the direction the Senator’s campaign is taking, resigns and eventually becomes the campaign manager for Gwen’s newly formed campaign. We discover some very pertinent facts about Noah’s past after he and Gwen went their separate ways some thirty years ago. One fact, in particular, will play a huge part in the campaign. There will be someone from Gwen’s past who will also have a negative impact, but you’ll discover all of that when you read the story. The most impressive feature is the approach the author takes to weave the historical events of the times into this story. It displays authenticity and relevance. The Presidency of Barack Obama and the passing of the Affordable Care Act remind us of his distinguished term in office. Tragic victims, like Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, and Rekia Boyd, just to name a few, who were murdered and sometimes vilified by the media, become the central rallying cry that spurns Gwen’s campaign. This and more adds a great deal of depth to the story.

There is a robust cast of complex characters who make stand-out contributions to moving the storyline along. The incumbent Senator Dexter Jackson, Noah’s son, James, and Gwen’s ex-husband, William Gaston who gets the “boo-hiss award”, are just a few. There is also a brief but distinct connection to Zuri Day’s THUG LOVE, the previous story in the series. You’ll catch it if you read the story.

The romantic element of the story does not get lost. You will love the Epilogue that will bring all the major players together and produce a victorious HEA. CAMPAIGN FOR HER HEART is an engaging and captivating story that not only entertains, but informs, and I highly recommend it. The stories in this series are outstanding. Kudos to visionary Wayne Jordan!

1st November 2018 |