Review: Blessed By Malakai
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August 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING: A
REVIEW: Malakai Madden is a reformed lady’s man who meets Avery Nightingale during his self-imposed sixteen-month celibacy.  Avery owns her own PR agency and Malakai hires her as his image consultant. The heat between Malakai and Avery is felt by everyone around them as they struggle to maintain a business only relationship.

Humor resonates throughout
BLESSED BY MALAKAI (To Marry A Madden Series, Book #1), from the opening with Malakai running through the streets of Chicago from a mob of women to Avery talking to Coco (she-devil on one shoulder) and Halo (common sense on the other shoulder). The poker game conversation between Malakai, his brothers and friends is realistic. Avery’s friendship with Malakai’s employees is natural and gives us insight to her feelings and misgivings were Malakai is concerned. Malakai encourages Avery to call her sister, whom she has been estranged for years and I can feel the emotions expressed during the phone call.

I enjoyed reading
BLESSED BY MALAKAI, because it held my attention.  I wanted to know how it would end and what Malakai and Avery would do from one scene to the next.  When Avery proposed that Malakai go on five dates to find his wife, I thought that it was a nice twist to the story. I was left wondering how they would end up together.

is a good quick read. The descriptions of people, places and interactions throughout the book are true to life. This story moves along, although there were a couple abrupt scene changes.  I recommend this book, because the story is believable and I would like to see how Malakai’s brothers’ road to love will evolve.

20th August 2018 |