Review: Best Laid Plans
BEST LAID PLANS - Brenda Jackson
HQN Books

March 2018
Women's Fiction
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: BEST LAID PLANS by Brenda Jackson is a well-written story about two people who plan to out-smart a ninety something year old woman and cause her ‘best laid plan’ to go awry. Sounds complicated? Well, it gets a little sticky at times because Felecia Laverne Madaris, aka “Mama Laverne”, the Matriarch of the well-known Madaris family is a master matchmaker with a very impressive track record. The prolific Brenda Jackson, revisits one of her famous book families, the Madaris family, and weaves a delightful story using a familiar trope-the fake love relationship that is meant to dupe family and friends. Nolan Madaris is the target of his great grandmother’s matchmaking skills when he discovers that Ivy Chapman is the woman that has been chosen for him to marry. To make matters worse, Mama Laverne’s accomplice, Ivy’s Nana, Ms. Helen, is all in and loves the idea of her granddaughter marrying Nolan. Let the games begin!

Nolan and Ivy realize that they must come up with their own plan to defeat Mama Laverne. They craft a plan that they believe will surely thwart any marriage plans that are in the making. Can they do it? I’m going to let you find out when you read the story. While Nolan and Ivy are busy perfecting their plan, there is someone lurking in the shadows who has devised a plan for Ivy.  It’s her ex, Damien Fargo. The secondary storyline explores technology espionage. Believe me, this is where the story gets good.

BEST LAID PLANS is a first-rate romance that is chocked full of sexy, sensual scenes between Nolan and Ivy that will appeal to your romantic sensibilities. However, while the romantic element is well explored, there is a suspenseful element that can not be ignored. If you are familiar with the extensive Madaris family and their friends, then you will recognize these names: Alex Maxwell, Ashton Sinclair, Sir Drake and Tori Warren, and Trevor Grant. They are all called in to terminate a dangerous situation. Their presence in this story gives the plot life! Not only are we reunited with the characters listed above, but more Madaris family and friends appear in the story. Whispering Pines Ranch, the setting for SECRET LOVE, is the scene for a Madaris party that is hosted by Jake and Diamond Madaris (SECRET LOVE), and in attendance are Clayton and Syneda Madaris (ETERNALLY YOURS), Lee and Carly Madaris (A MADARIS BRIDE FOR CHRISTMAS), Reese and Kenna Madaris (INSEPARABLE), and more friends like Sterling and Colby Hamilton (ONE SPECIAL MOMENT).

BEST LAID PLANS is a great read. If you are familiar with the Madaris’ novels, then you are in for a special treat as you get to hangout with some of the family and their friends. Brenda Jackson is so skillful at combining romance and suspense in her stories. This one has both. I recommend BEST LAID PLANS for your reading pleasure.

1st March 2018 |