Review: Backslide 2
BACKSLIDE 2 - Keith Thomas Walker

January 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
BACKSLIDE 2 is a worthy successor to its predecessor, BACKSLIDE. Once again, we find ourselves in Overbrook Meadows, Texas, familiar territory to the author’s followers. The heroine, Dana, and the hero, Kole, have solidified their relationship to the point where they are having intimate conversations about their lives growing up. We find out why Kole Stone (a truly great name) chose his path in life, and we learn about a horrific incident involving Dana while she was thirteen in the Foster Care System in Chicago, Illinois. [Side Note: Remember the name that she reveals to Kole. You will see it again.]

Kole backslides again to become the leader of The Organization, the crew that he and his best friend, Moon aka Benjamin Cummings, started for protection against gangs at their school. This story traces Kole’s backslide into the leadership position of The Organization after a gruesome tragedy. The story also chronicles the testing of Dana and Kole’s relationship after he backslides.
BACKSLIDE 2 is a compelling, entertaining and captivating story that draws the reader in from the opening pages. The climax is outstanding and unforgettable. It will resonate with many readers.

Author Keith Thomas Walker’s characterization of Kole is so dynamic that you will find yourself cheering for him in spite of what he does and how he does it. Talk about thug love! I must also mention KTW’s poetry that introduces some of the chapters. Not only is it passionate, but it is also relevant to the chapter it precedes. It’s a sublime fusion of prose and poetry. For all the romance readers, the Epilogue ties up loose ends with a very satisfying HEA.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story that includes passion, action, drama and some of the ‘baddest’ group of men to grace a book. I highly recommend
BACKSLIDE 2, but not before you read the first book, BACKSLIDE. Enjoy, and you can thank me later.

21st January 2018 |