Review: All Up In The Mix
ALL UP IN THE MIX - Donna Hill
Sable SiStars Publishing

May 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Leslie Whitfield | RATING: B
REVIEW:  The main character of ALL UP IN THE MIX, Tash Harper, is unsure about her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and she is in the midst of deciding if she should start her own business with her two best friends.  Tasha and her friends are very successful on their own but she has a vision of them working together as partners.  Problems in her relationship with her boyfriend are implied at the beginning and an incident that seems to be at the bottom of the problem between Tasha and her boyfriend Jared is mentioned in the beginning of the story. The author does a good job of keeping you interested and wanting to know what the incident is that caused Jared to move to the Bahamas and why Tasha blames herself.

The author is very visual.  The courtroom setting is well-written. I can see Tasha sitting in the back of the courtroom as well as Zeke presenting his case.  I can see the airport when Tasha goes to the Bahamas and I can visualize the scene outside the hotel.

Although I enjoyed reading
ALL UP IN THE MIX, it moved too slowly. I was expecting a scene involving Tasha when she went home, since her brother would be there, I thought there would be some type of confrontation between her and her father and maybe Zeke defending her, but it didn’t happen.  The situation with Marcia and Jared I felt could have been explored sooner or at least have a little more fire. Tasha and Jared made peace so quickly, I didn’t feel the hurt that they should be experiencing.

ALL UP IN THE MIX is a good story, with relatable characters. Hopefully, the foundation has been set for the supporting characters to have their own books. 

11th July 2018 |