Review: Accused
ACCUSED - Sharon C. Cooper
Amaris Press

August 2018
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: If you are looking for a story mixed with suspense, intrigue, mayhem and a healthy dose of romance, then this is the story for you. ACCUSED features former FBI agent Kenton Bailey who works personal security for Supreme Security of Atlanta, Georgia. His love interest is Egypt Durand who also happens to work at Supreme. Egypt keeps a very low profile for a very good reason that you will discover when you read the story. Kenton is determined to win her heart in spite of her keeping him at arm’s length. When Egypt’s smoldering past finally catches up with her, it becomes the spark that sets in motion Kenton’s plan to protect the woman he loves.

Egypt and Kenton make a great couple. They not only work for the same agency, but they also have events from their respective pasts that constantly haunt them. The more Kenton pursues Egypt, the more she withdraws until it becomes impossible for her to keep him away. Although Kenton takes a personal interest in keeping Egypt safe, he is backed up by the security team from Supreme. Egypt needs protection from the bad guys, and of course, Kenton steps in to offer his personal protection by sheltering Egypt in his home. Need I say more? Throw in the FBI and the local police, and you have an all-out war against the bad guys. As it happens, Egypt is not the only one who is haunted by her past. Kenton also suffers from a former devastating event that never leaves him. Dealing with ending the nightmare of their troubled past lives is the catalyst that launches a solid storyline that quickly becomes a page turner.

One of the strong features of
ACCUSED are the stand-out side characters who populate the story. The men of Supreme Security are some of the best in the business. If you are familiar with this series, then you are certain to recognize them, along with their wives from previous books. Hamilton and Dakota, from VINDICATED, Book 1; and Laz and Journey from INDEBTED, Book 2 have noticeable roles in this book, also. At the other end of the spectrum, Kenton’s friend, Caleb, is a tragic figure who finds himself on the wrong side hanging with the wrong people. I love how author Sharon C. Cooper connects this series through her characters.

I enjoyed reading
ACCUSED. The HEA is quite satisfying accept for one thing. One of the men of Supreme is AWOL. I wonder if his story is next. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I recommend ACCUSED for your reading pleasure.

18th October 2018 |