Review: A Stallion's Dream
A STALLION'S DREAM - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Romance

September 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: I love a good Contemporary Romance family series, and the stories of the infamous Stallion family certainly falls in that category. In A STALLION DREAM, Collin Stallion, who was a teenager when he was first introduced in SEDUCED BY A STALLION, has graduated law school, passed the bar, and is trying to figure out the type of law he wants to practice. With some advice and guidance from his father, Attorney Matthew Stallion, Collin joins the staff of a community organization that provides legal services to those who are financially challenged. It is at the Pro Bono Partnership of Dallas that Collin meets London Jacobs, the top litigator and the heroine of this story. Can you say “Instant Attraction”?

Collin and London are a power couple who find that self-control becomes null and void when they are together. I like their chemistry; it’s sizzling! As the story develops, the story arcs become very intriguing. The case that they work on together uncovers blatant mishandling of evidence that affected the outcome of their client’s initial trial. Furthermore, London’s past comes back to haunt her, and forces her to relive a very traumatic time in her life. No spoilers, but London’s backstory provides the heart and soul of this story. Author, Deborah Fletcher Mello incorporates a sobering and timely issue that will resonate with many readers. Because of this, Collin and London’s story becomes more than just another contemporary romance. There is a sinister and antagonistic force that must be dealt with, and that causes the Stallion family and friends to close ranks as only they can. Great plot point!

Since this is a Stallion family story, you know the members of the family are present and accounted for. However, one side character who stands out is Private Investigator, Vanessa Long, longtime family friend of the Stallions. Her appearance in this story changes the game. London’s two gal pals, Paula and Felicia, also have side roles that help to move the story along. Another intriguing side character is Jerome James whose case Collin and London are defending in court for a crime that he is falsely accused. On the other hand, there is nothing like a villain you love to hate. Filling that position quite well is low-life Justice Victor Wells. He certainly gets the “Boo-Hiss Award”.

I loved the HEA! Not only will the hero and heroine literally fly off into the proverbial sunset, but also London will make a move that will end her silence on the trauma she suffered. Kudos to author Mello for penning a such a gratifying ending to an engaging story.

A STALLION DREAM is an entertaining story that features the next generation of the Stallion family. I enjoyed it and I recommend it.
24th September 2018 |