Review: A Risque Engagement
A RISQUĖ ENGAGEMENT - Stephanie Nicole  Norris
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June 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: These Valentine brothers! First, there is Hunter’s story, NO HOLDS BARRED, and now we are introduced to Xavier Valentine, the prominent Harvard graduate sports agent. When the story opens Corinne Thomas, the heroine, is thinking about Xavier as she lies on the beach in Anguilla on a layover from her job as a stewardess. Xavier and Corinne are already acquainted with each other having met while on a double date with Xavier’s brother Hunter and his love, Camilla, who happens to be Corinne’s bestie. Right away, it is apparent that the chemistry between Xavier and Corinne is strong.

The title for this story is perfect. According to the dictionary, risqué means “sexually provocative and likely to attract controversy”. That’s Xavier and Corinne in a nutshell. There is an unforgettable, somewhat controversial scene in the story that gives you an idea of just how “risque” this couple is. Corinne, Xavier, Hunter and Camilla are in a restaurant when Xavier and Corinne get carried away with their own version of PDA (public display of affection) that Camilla compares it to “watching porn”. It’s a five-star alarm sizzling scene. It’s not the only one. Xavier and his Bella Anima (You’ll get that when you read the story.) are so into each other that there are very few places exempt from them engaging in a sexual liaison. Moreover, the extra-amorous couple is not exempt from certain characters who do not want them to be together. I enjoyed both scenes when these two shady characters who meant no good, were quickly eliminated.

The HEA was a triple delight. I’m not going to spill the tea, but it will bring a smile to your face especially when A Band of Brothers take to the stage.

I enjoyed this story. It lives up to its title by thoroughly engaging the reader in some risqué behavior.
A RISQUÉ ENGAGEMENT is a good read, and I recommend it. Since it is part of a series, I strongly suggest that you read book #1, NO HOLDS BARRED, first.

25th June 2018 |