Review: A Los Angeles Passion
Harlequin Kimani Romance

October 2018
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Kiara Woods owns a successful daycare and preschool that is a favorite among Los Angeles’ rich and famous.  She is perfectly happy growing her business until Trey Moore enters her life, requesting she put aside her lengthy waiting list and grant his little one admission to her exclusive center.

Trey Moore is a successful screenwriter on deadline until his world is turned upside down when his sister, Carmen, who is a fledgling actress, begs him to care for her son after she accepts a role in a television pilot.  Although he adores his nephew, Trey is clueless about caring for a six-month-old. Sensing his desperation and acknowledging her immediate attraction to him and the little bundle in his care, Kiara not only grants him admission, but also offers to school him on how to care for the child.  What follows is a cute, but quirky tale of love with a dash of suspense.

A LOS ANGELES PASSION is book seven in Kimani’s larger than life Millionaire Moguls series and is set primarily in Los Angeles. In addition to our main characters, this novel includes Trey’s half-brothers, Derek and Max.  Growing up estranged from their father and having different mothers didn’t create the ideal family bond between them.  Despite this division, and as the basis for the novel’s subplot, their father, Reginald, calls upon them to work in unison to help disprove allegations of unethical conduct filed against him.

This novel’s plot is unique. I enjoyed following Kiara and Trey on their journey to realizing that they fill the void in each other’s life and that secrets have no place in a successful relationship.  However, the subplot created more questions than answers for me. This novel is part of a series but is a complete story on its own. If you have been following the
Millionaire Moguls series, A LOS ANGELES PASSION is a good addition

19th  November  2018 |