Review: A Game-Changing Christmas
A GAME-CHANGING CHRISTMAS - Stephanie Nicole Norris
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December 2018
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A+
REVIEW: A GAME-CHANGING CHRISTMAS is the holiday story that tops my list. This story features the talented, good-looking, Uber-rich, competitive, Alpha scions of two African American Chicago families. If you are familiar with the Rose and Valentine families created by talented writer Stephanie Nicole Norris, you know that they are ensconced in a long-running feud that stems from a land dispute. It is a major accomplishment just to get these brothers in the same room with each other.

In describing this book, I’ll say it’s a “Grand Slam”, an appropriate baseball term that means a home run cleared the bases. Stephanie Norris certainly hit that home run successfully resolving all the questions, drama and issues in this story. The story begins with a marital dilemma between Claudia Rose and her husband, Jaden Alexander Rose (
ENOUGH - Falling For A Rose, Book #2). Second, we catch-up with Hunter and Camilla Valentine (NO HOLDS BARRED - In The Heart Of A Valentine, Book #1), who are expecting their first child. Third, there’s a Christmas wedding in the making. Allison Sullivan and Lance Valentine (GIVE ME A REASON - In The Heart Of A Valentine, Book #3) are the lucky couple. Claudia and Jaden, along with Allison and Lance, are the two couples who supply plenty of steam in and out of the bedroom. Fourth, the much-anticipated question of who will be next to find their soul-mate is addressed. Last, but certainly not least, the on-going feud between the Roses and the Valentines takes center stage. Lance Valentine and Jonathon Rose (A LIFETIME WITH YOU - Falling For A Rose, Book #5) are principal players in this dispute. I’m going to leave that right there. What or who will end the bitter feelings between these two prominent families is the preeminent question? It certainly is a lot to be packed into one story, but I assure you that you will be smiling at the end of the book.

All of the Roses and Valentines are present and accounted for. While they unquestionably play a role in helping the storyline move forward, the stand-out side character is without a doubt, King Isaac Winthrope, King of Kera Asnela. He plays a critical role in the story arc that centers around the feud between the two families. No spoilers, but you will understand when you read the story.

What’s next for the Roses and Valentines? Well, without giving away any answers, I will say that there is definitely a romance brewing. Stay tuned! I loved
A GAME-CHANGING CHRISTMAS, and I highly recommend it. Don’t miss out on a great read. You can thank me later.

25th December 2018 |