Review: When Curtis Met Pearl
Sable SiStars Publishing
September 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: When Curtis meets Pearl the year is 1920. Greenwood, Oklahoma is a thriving, bustling city populated by African Americans who fled segregated Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as other segregated and hostile cities, towns and villages in America. Greenwood was certainly an enigma for white America. However, for Pearl Watson, Curtis Kendall, the black millionaires, entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, nurses, workers, and citizens of Greenwood, it is home.

This Historical Romance captivated me from the Prologue when aspiring writer Niyah Kendall, Curtis’ granddaughter, is mourning the loss of her beloved grandfather. Niyah discovers a box with newspaper clippings and hand-written notes about life in Greenwood, Oklahoma, also known as Little Africa or Black Wall Street. In a note to Niyah, he encourages her to tell the story of Greenwood using his notes and clippings by writing from her heart and soul. The reader is then transported to Greenwood, Oklahoma circa 1920.

When Curtis Kendall meets Pearl Watson, Curtis is just arriving in Greenwood to open his own tailoring business. Pearl works at the front desk of the Stratford Hotel, owned by black millionaire, John Stratford. The two actually meet for the first time at the Dreamland Theater, another prominent establishment in Greenwood owned by Miss Lola T. Williams. There is an instant attraction between Curtis and Pearl, and their courtship is delightful. Author D. Camille provides a vivid description of an early 20th Century romance that not only involves family, but also community.

The courtship of Pearl and Curtis is the heart of this story. On the flip side, is an underlying trepidation that Greenwood can not escape. The surrounding white communities, including Tulsa, do not like the progressive, thriving town of Greenwood. Historically, the climate is fueled by an open animosity toward Blacks. Lynchings and mob mentality rule the day. Unfortunately, Greenwood, Oklahoma becomes a victim of that animosity; a victim of domestic terrorism. Even from the savage events of the Greenwood tragedy, there is a ray of hope that comes through. I’ll stop here and allow you to read this riveting story for yourself.

The secondary characters are well-developed and essential to the storyline. They display the resilience of African Americans that is a hallmark of this country. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure, and definitely for the knowledge that you will gain.
WHEN CURTIS MET PEARL chronicles lessons about survival, hope, family, community and love. It’s a great read.

18th October 2017 |