Review: Trust Me With Your Love
TRUST ME WITH YOUR LOVE - Synithia Williams
Amazon Digital
May 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: TRUST ME WITH YOU LOVE, the third installment of Synithia Williams’ Caldwell Family saga about the multimillion dollar waste hauling company, Caldwell Environmental Solutions (CES), continues with family drama, blackmail and lots of heat!

Isaac Caldwell is a cold complex man who is almost robotic. He sleeps indiscriminately with random female employees without regard to any consequences. He doesn’t do long-term meaningful relationships primarily because he doesn’t know the first thing about cultivating one.  However, what he lacks in relationship skills, he makes up for in business acumen. He is as shrewd as patriarch, Curtis Caldwell, devilishly handsome and possesses a work ethic that his clients appreciate.  Isaac’s main focus is saving the family business while his antagonistic father’s efforts seem to be hell-bent on destroying it.

Kimberly (Kim) Griffin, is Isaac’s administrative assistant. Usually, Isaac’s assistants are hired, not based on their administrative skills, but their potential to manage his libido. Although tempted and knowing his reputation, Kim shuts that down early. She is determined to use this job to improve her family’s financial situation and to refute the old adage, “you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl”.  Kim is self-made and no nonsense and uses her street smarts to her advantage.  As Isaac’s assistant, she has become a knowledgeable and trusted employee that he depends on heavily.
Under his father’s leadership, Isaac helplessly watches the family business hemorrhaging money until, on the advice of a board member, he teams up with Kim to implement a plan. Both are harboring their own hidden agendas that could ultimately help or destroy CES.

This Caldwell saga focuses on two emotionally damaged people that are ruined almost beyond repair.  Isaac is a product of a loveless family and doesn’t know how to give or receive love. This deficiency has hardened his exterior and made his heart impenetrable.  Kim’s risqué street life gave her the determination to be successful, but hardened her expectations of ever having a HEA. Williams does a fantastic job of sharing their journey to save CES and each other while shedding their idiosyncrasies.

Family members are central in this novel set in Greenville which include Andre, Isaac’s brother, his mother, father (The Grinch) and stepmother; Kim’s grandmother, mother and sister. Each novel in this series is a stand-alone, but read the previous two to fully understand the level of dysfunction in the Caldwell family. This novel ebbs and flows in the beginning, but more than redeems itself in the end.

16th June 2017 |