Review: To Marry A Prince
Harlequin Kimani Romance
May 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: He didn’t know what force hit him.  It was those darn photos that sparked the attraction. Now she is here in the flesh and the attraction is even stronger.  Crown Prince Kristian Rafferty DeSaunters is in love, doesn’t want to admit it and has no idea what to do.

Arthur’s new series,
The Royal Weddings, begins with the sweet story of Prince Kristian and the struggle he faces fulfilling his royal functions and learning to enjoy life in TO MARRY A PRINCE.

Free-spirted and outspoken Landry Norris is a personal stylist for exclusive high-end clientele in Los Angeles.  A new client, Malayka Sampson, has hired her to dress her for several occasions preceding her upcoming nuptial to Prince Kristian’s father, Prince Rafferty DeSaunters, the widower who rules the Caribbean island of Grand Serenity. Landry is on the island to do a job, but can’t help being distracted by the captivating glimpses being cast her way by Prince Kristian.

Under the pretense of national security, Prince Kristian, closely scrutinizes Landry’s application to visit Grand Serenity. He is haunted and mesmerized by her accompanying photo. Something about this woman has him out of sorts and this is totally out of character for the handsome strait-laced all business prince.  He has been groomed since birth to succeed his father as ruler. His life has been full of protocol and structure, but since the death of his mother, it has lacked compassion and warmth. Landry’s mere presence fills him with both and he’s not sure how to process this. Relationship issues were not part of his grooming for leadership.

TO MARRY A PRINCE is delightfully different from Arthur’s other works. Her descriptive writing provides the reader with a vivid image of the lush island of Grand Serenity and the pain felt by Prince Kristian as he agonizes over whether to allow his feelings to prevail or be sacrificed for the monarchy.  Family ties are very important in this storyline. Prince Kristian’s family is very close, but shrouded in protocol. Landry’s family is close, as well, but with traditional values that often conflict with her lifestyle.

Arthur frequently injects humor in this novel. When Landry’s family meets Prince Kristian it is reminiscent of a scene from “Coming to America” and is very amusing. Several characters impact this story including Landry’s parents; Prince Kristian’s father, his sister and brother and his father’s selfish fiancé. I thoroughly enjoyed this first installment in
The Royal Weddings series. It’s a perfect summer read, so I invite you to escape to the lush island of Grand Serenity to enjoy the tranquility and passion that awaits.

1st July 2017 |