Review: The Waitress's Secret
Harlequin Special Edition
September 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: There’s something about Sweet Briar, North Carolina that brings the sweetest couples together. In this story, we meet Arden Wexford and Brandon Danielson and neither of them are looking for love. Arden, a middle school science teacher, is traveling to the home of her parents in Florida. When her car breaks down just outside Sweet Briar, that all changes. Luckily, Brandon comes to her rescue, and it’s on!

After finding out there is no room in the town’s two inns, Arden has no other choice but to accept Brandon’s invitation to stay at his home (that he shares with his sister, Joni) while her car is being repaired. Brandon is the chef and owner of Heaven on Earth, a very popular Sweet Briar restaurant. There is an instant attraction between the two, but both Arden and Brandon keep it to themselves. They are both victims of previous relationships gone horribly wrong; Arden with Michael-the-sneak and Brandon with lying Sylvia. You’ll get that when you read the story. While staying in Sweet Briar, Arden finds that she is enjoying her stay as she and Brandon develop a comfortable relationship while she helps out in his restaurant, and helps his sister at the town’s youth center. Even after Arden’s car is repaired, she extends her stay.

One of the main attractions of this small town is, of course, Brandon, but it is also the fact that no one knows Arden’s background. Her anonymity is key and it houses her secret. No spoilers, folks, but even after Brandon shares the details of his failed relationship, Arden still keeps her secret. It takes an unexpected visit from her over-protective brothers, to expose Arden’s most treasured secret. The budding relationship between her and Brandon takes a direct hit.

THE WAITRESS’S SECRET is a sweet romantic tale, author Kathy Douglass aptly incorporates some serious elements into the story that affect the heroine and the hero as they cultivate their relationship. There are frequent mentions of a blackmail attempt, a secret sex tape, and deception which lend depth to the storyline. Besides this, Arden has to figure out her next step in trying to fix her life, and pursue a HEA with Brandon.

Joni, Brandon’s sister, is a notable supporting character, and worthy of her own story. Then there are Arden’s brothers, Jax and Blake who are also quite interesting. I wonder if either of them will be featured in a future story.  Regardless, they have a major impact on this storyline and help to move the story along.

THE WAITRESS’S SECRET is the second installment in the Sweet Briar Sweethearts series. However, it can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed reading Arden and Brandon’s story, and I am sure you will also. So, I recommend that you pick up a copy and take a trip to Sweet Briar, North Carolina. You won’t be sorry.

20th August 2017 |