Review: The Swan
THE SWAN - Piper Huguley
Liliaceae Publishers

December 2017
Inspirational Historical Romance
REVIEWER:  Wayne Jordan| RATING: A
THE SWAN is the seventh book in the 12 Days of Christmas Mail Order Brides series and is Ms. Piper at her historical romance best.  The series is a Christian Romance series which follows the lives of several mail order brides. The continuity’s concept is original, and the creator of the series must be lauded for such a wonderful idea. Each of the twelve stories is taken from The Twelve Days of Christmas, a popular English Christmas carol. This story takes its theme from the ‘Swans a-Swimming’.

THE SWAN, heroine Avis goes to Noelle in hope of marrying. However, her real goal is not to get married, but to confront the woman who give birth to her and abandoned her. Her mother is the madam of a brothel in the town. Avis is of mixed race, but could easily pass as white. Only her hand and hairs, which she keeps hidden, reveals her ethnicity. When her ‘husband-to-be’ discovers her ‘lie’, he abandons her at the altar. Because of her upbringing, Avis has no love for God or religion. When she meets Liam Fulton, his gentle faith confuses her, and she is unsure how to react to him.

Liam is the perfect kind of hero. He’s noble and possesses a strong sense of faith. Along with this, Liam is an abolitionist. An aspiring lawyer, Liam plans to fight for the rights of the blacks. His attraction to her is unexpected, immediate and powerful. He is moved with compassion for Avis and her plight and offers her a job in his store. There is a sweetness about their interaction with each other that readers will find endearing.

THE SWAN is a touching, tender story which is beautifully written. The main characters are three-dimensional and well-crafted. Minor characters, like the loathsome JD Jones, are also vivid and are essential elements of the story. The setting, the town of Noelle, while not perfect, helps to create the sense of family and community.

THE SWAN is the perfect Christmas story and while it can stand alone, I would recommend that all the stories in the series be read.  Each story explores a woman’s journey to find love and herself.  I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas.

20th December 2017