Review: The Raw
THE RAM - D. Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
July 2017
Romantic Suspense
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  The Big D, Detroit, Michigan, is the setting for this last story in The Black Land Series. Throughout this series readers have learned a great deal about Detroit, Michigan and its struggle to overcome corruption, to revitalize neighborhoods, and improve living conditions in the Black community. THE RAM focuses on the last member of the Negus, Corvus Shaw, land developer. It’s Corvus’ turn to find his mate, and she comes in the form of a baptized believer by the name of Miracle. Miracle Chapman is a realtor who meets Corvus to discuss a land deal for her father’s church. Things move at a fast pace for Corvus, the Kematic believer, and Miracle, his born again ‘lil goddess’.

The chemistry between Corvus and Miracle is off-the-chain. They click immediately, and despite their different lifestyles, they find common ground in the love that develops between them and the commonality of their beliefs. I love how their love story develops slowly in spite of opposition from Miracle’s father, Bishop Chapman, and her hand-picked ex-fiancé, Pastor Emanuel Hollins. The plot points that track the love story of the hero and heroine also include the serious issues that followers of this series expect. Author D Camille connects the dots that reveal the importance of land development and how it is used to advance the interests of the developers without advancing the interests of the citizens who live on the land. Corvus is a champion of the land, serving the people, and it is this dilemma that forms a nexus for this story. You will love how he handles this issue that has the potential to come between him and Miracle. No spoilers! D Camille doesn’t stop there, however. Serious topics like domestic abuse and mental health are also handled in true D Camille style. This novel is layered with characters and plot lines that are woven together to produce a remarkable contemporary tale of a city and its inhabitants who are determined to rise above the fray together despite major opposition.

The Negus and Nigist are present to assist, encourage and handle business as only they can. Followers of
The Black Land Series will be glad to see these contemporary city warriors expanding their families and still fighting for the citizens of Detroit in their various capacities. Also highlighted, as a behind the scenes fighter, is George Shaw, Corvus and Rion’s father. He’s no joke!

Kudos to D Camille for penning another great series and bringing it to a gratifying end. If you are at a loss to what all this means, my advice to you is to become familiar with
The Black Land Series, five books, THE LION, THE BULL, THE SCALES, THE TWIN, and THE RAM that not only entertain but educate. I highly recommend them. You can thank me later

20th July 2017 |