Review: The Perfect Present
Kensington Dafina Romance
October 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell| RATING: A
REVIEW: Alers, Hodges and Yaye deliver three heart-warming Christmas themed novellas that deliver the ultimate gift and satisfy your thirst for holiday romance.
Rochelle Alers - A Christmas Layover (A) Due to a series of unique events, our leading characters Sierra Nelson and Navy Captain Noah Crawford share adjoining airline seats on a flight to Chicago. Both have plans to spend the Christmas holidays with family - Sierra in Chicago and Noah in Boston. However, an impending snowstorm interferes with those plans. There is an undeniable immediate connection between Sierra and Noah as they talk non-stop on the flight. As luck would have it, Noah’s flight to Boston is cancelled and he is left without a place to stay. Feeling the Christmas spirit and with no other options, Sierra offers lodging to Noah at her family’s home until the flights to Boston resume. A misunderstanding about their relationship, the holiday spirit and a military family connection lead to a holiday they will always remember. This is my favorite story in this collaboration and it reinforces the belief that kindness can be returned tenfold.
Cheris Hodges - The Christmas Lesson (A) Kayla Matthews and DeShawn Carter were best friends in high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. A few missed opportunities to move their relationship past the friendship phase propel them into friendship perpetuity. Leap forward ten years and Kayla and DeShawn are reunited after parting ways to further their education on different coasts.  Kayla is now an education consultant and DeShawn is a former NFL player turned school administrator. Now older and more mature with a clearer vision of what others have always seen in their relationship they decide to act on that chemistry. However, relationship baggage, an envious ex and family drama are determined to thwart our leading characters’ attempt at love.
Pamela Yaye - Christmas With You (A) Sports agent Marc Cunningham spies curvaceous Maya Malone at a fundraiser and silently declares she will share his bed tonight. The chemistry is mutual and Maya uncharacteristically succumbs to Marc’s advances. A whirlwind affair ensues until Marc learns Maya’s connection to one of his most important and volatile clients. Maya and Marc both nurse relationship scars. Marc is a confessed cheater and Maya’s self-esteem is nonexistent as a result of a previous lover. They agree to a covert affair, but eventually what’s done in the dark always comes to light.

4th November 2017 |