Review: The Only One For Me
THE ONLY ONE FOR ME - Bridget Anderson
Harlequin Kimani Romance
April 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Childhood rivalries, missed opportunities, regret and the fear of responsibility dominate Anderson’s second installment in her adorable Coleman House series.  Last year, she introduced us to sleepy rural Danville, Kentucky and the Coleman House B&B in WHEN I FALL IN LOVE, the story of Rollin Coleman and Tayler Carter.  This time, we follow Rollin’s divorced sister, Corra Coleman, and wealthy businessman Christopher (Chris) Williams.

Chris has always been infatuated with Corra, but as his best friend’s sister she was off limits.  He helplessly stood by and watched her date and marry the town jerk. Chris left Danville, created his own company, sold it and returns with another lucrative new venture. Growing up in Danville wasn’t easy for Chris.  His father worked a lot to support the family and care for his ill mother. That left little time for father and son bonding which he regretted. He is back in Danville to pick up where he left off a year ago after a traffic accident almost took Corra away from him.

Corra Coleman is an outspoken, but dedicated mother, that is overwhelmed with raising two rumbustious children on her own. To add to her stress, she agrees to help her brother run the family’s B&B by managing the gift shop. Corra has always eyed Chris, but as her brother’s best friend, he was out of reach. They reconnected briefly a year ago and she hoped that finally they could act upon their mutual attraction. Unfortunately, a traffic accident that left her injured and Chris’ quick departure side tracked any relationship.

Anderson weaves a few rocky scenarios into this sweet romance. Chris is ambitious, caring and generous, but similar to Corra’s ex, he is leery of the responsibility of a family and questions his abilities. Her despicable ex, as she explains to her children, is “away working in California”. When he resurfaces demanding time with his children, Cora must figure out the ground rules for allowing two men in their lives. This effort is further complicated by a mysterious animosity between Chris and her ex which is jeopardizing everything.

In addition to our main characters, others impacting this story include Corra’s children, her shifty ex, her brother Rollin, his fiancé; and Chris’ family - particularly his father.
THE ONLY ONE FOR ME, this second installment to the Coleman House series is a perfect complement to this laid back series. Bridget Anderson is a native of Kentucky and it is evident in the factual picture she paints of the region and its residents. Each novel is a stand-alone, but I encourage you to read both to feel the warm embrace of the Kentucky hospitality that awaits you in the Coleman House.

1st July 2017 |