Review: Tempo of Love
TEMPO OF LOVE - Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani Romance
June 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Charlotte, North Carolina is again the setting for the fourth installment of the Queen City Gents Series. TEMPO OF LOVE features the drummer of the Queen City Gents Quartet, Ken Yamada. Not only is Ken a talented drummer, but he is also a talented architect. The featured female love interest is Nona Gregory, a respected newspaper reporter, and department head for the Charlotte Observer. As the story opens, Nona is assigned to write a feature article on Ken who has been awarded a multi-million-dollar contract to restore and remodel an old landmark theater that use to be the only black theater in town during the time of segregation.

At Nona’s initial meeting with Ken, she finds him very reluctant and guarded to divulge any personal information about his childhood.  In spite of this, there is a physical attraction that they both feel for each other. As the initial interview continues, Ken once again clams up when his father’s name is mentioned. What’s going on with our hero? Is there some deep dark family secret that Ken feels the need to hide, and if so, how is his father involved? Well, dear readers, yes, there is a secret that neither Ken nor his father wants disclosed to the public. The senior Yamada feels that if exposed, it will bring disgrace to the Yamada name.  As he and Nona engage in a series of interviews, two things happen: One, they develop an intimate personal relationship; and two, in the afterglow of a steamy sexual encounter, they let down all barriers and divulge their secrets and desires. Nona eventually completes and submits her feature article sans the family secret that Ken tells her in confidence. In an interesting plot twist, that secret ends up being printed in the featured published article. Ken is devastated, and Nona is heartbroken, and left to try to figure out what happened. I’ll leave that right here, and allow you to discover what went wrong. It appears that our couple’s HEA is derailed, but not denied.

The side characters are well-developed and are instrumental in advancing the storyline. It was great catching up with the three members of the Queen City Gents and their ladies, who take on roles as side characters. Nona’s parents are present to advise and lend a listening ear, but it’s her father who really gets it, and sets Nona on the right track to get back with Ken. However, one of the most intriguing side characters is Ken’s sister, Miyu, who is the core component in the Yamada family secret. Her character is totally Zen. You’ll get that when you read the story.

This is an enjoyable story that brings a fitting end to an equally enjoyable series. I recommend
TEMPO OF LOVE as well as the other books of the series, THIS TENDER MELODY, EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART, and A SULTRY LOVE SONG. You won’t be disappointed.  Kudos to author Kianna Alexander for penning a great contemporary romance series.

: After reading TEMPO OF LOVE, make sure you read the on-line short story, The Wedding Secret, by Kianna Alexander that’s posted on this site. It’s a spin-off.

18th June 2017 |