Review: Sweet Stallion
SWEET STALLION - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING: A
REVIEW: Naomi Stallion is the eldest girl of the Utah Stallions. She lives in Phoenix and has had great success with her organic food co-op. She wants to spread her success and open a co-op in Utah.  Unfortunately, those plans come with certain problems. Unbeknown to her, the land she has her heart set on is also the land her biological father’s company intends to buy. The handsome corporate attorney bidding against her is representing her father’s interest. A bidding war ensues, and Naomi wins the bid. Patrick O’Brien can’t help but admire the beautiful woman bidding against him for a prime piece of property. They had met previously before the day of the auction and their attraction was instant.  Naomi didn’t want to be drawn to Patrick because in her eyes he was working for the enemy. But she couldn’t stay away from him.  And Patrick feels the same about her. After Naomi reveals her connection to Patrick’s boss, he is torn between his love for Naomi and his closeness to the family he has known for years. When her farm is mysteriously burned down in Phoenix, Naomi is highly suspicious about who the culprit is. Would her father burn down her farm or is there another enemy responsible?

Naomi lives an unconventional existence and is quite comfortable with the career choice she made for her life. She loves digging around in the dirt and watching her dream come to life. She is happy for her siblings who have found the love of their lives. But she is not looking for a man to complete her.  Making her organic farm a success is her number one priority. That is until she meets Patrick O’Brien.

Patrick is a handsome, successful attorney who spends his days willing and dealing. He is as comfortable in a three-piece suit as he is in a pair of jeans and tee shirt. The ultra-sexy attorney finds that to be true when he finds himself attracted to a beautiful farmer in the form of Naomi Stallion. Patrick doesn’t mind getting dirt under his fingernails if it means working alongside Naomi.

The saga of the Utah Stallions continues with the eldest girl, Naomi. I love reading about the Stallions.  I especially like this one because it finally brings to head the mystery surrounding the birth of Naomi and her siblings and why their father never acknowledged them as his children.
Deborah Fletcher Mello always does a great job with her stories and she certainly did with this one.  Her characters burst to life between the pages of SWEET STALLION. The writing is excellent as always and the storyline will draw you in.  The pacing is good and once you start reading this story, you won’t want to put it down. I like Naomi’s character. She speaks her mind and is not above throwing things to get your attention. She has her own unique style and it fits her personality. Although Naomi and Patrick have some differences, they still make a perfect pair. Their chemistry ignited the moment they met. The author put two different but likable characters together and created a great story.

SWEET STALLION is a good read and I have been waiting for Naomi’s story. If you have been following this series, you won’t be disappointed.