Review: Surrender To Me
Harlequin Kimani Romance
July 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The much-awaited story of the charming, elusive, eldest son of the Louisiana Lawson family, Raford “Rafe” Lawson is finally here. If you have been following this series, then you know that Rafe is the sexy, sax-playing, do his own thing, love ‘em and leave ‘em Lawson sibling. There is not a political office, desk job, or beautiful woman that can hold him down. Yet, in this well-penned story by author Donna Hill, we see that someone has caught the attention of this wealthy, 36-year-old die-hard bachelor. Her name is Avery Richards, a Secret Service Agent who is stationed in Washington, D.C. Is there a long-distance relationship in Rafe’s future? Not for the ever resourceful Rafe Lawson.

Like Rafe, Avery’s father is also a well-known Washington politician, and like Rafe, Avery has some serious father issues. If you recall, Rafe and his father, Senator Branford Lawson, are constantly at odds because of Rafe’s lifestyle. This hero and heroine chose their own career paths. The chemistry between Avery and Rafe is sizzling, and steamy. Although Rafe tries to put distance between him and Avery, his unexplainable attraction to her prevents him from doing so for very long. Talk about frequent flyer miles…. New York, D.C. or Paris, if Avery is there Rafe will follow. That’s another conundrum that Rafe must contend with… when did Rafe Lawson ever follow a woman? For sure, Avery has him all twisted up.

The storyline is enhanced by Rafe’s backstory, providing insight into the reason he refuses to surrender to love and commitment. No spoilers; I’ll let you discover the reason Rafe is the ‘playa’ that he is. (Here’s a little hint- 9/11.) You’ll get that when you read the book. Ironically another catastrophic event occurs that involves Avery, and Rafe’s father that is like déjà vu for Rafe. It is a dramatic turning-point in the story.

The Lawson family members are all present and accounted for in this story, and I enjoyed the reunion.
SURRENDER TO ME is a story of family, finding love and second chances, and I recommend it. Thank you, Donna Hill, for Rafe’s long-awaited story. It was worth the wait!

20th July 2017 |