Review: Stay Until Dawn
Stonesong Digital
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Ginger Jamison’s new novel STAY UNTIL DAWN is a wonderful story depicting how life’s misfortunes can sometimes result in its greatest happiness.

Georgia Williams works nights at Jericho Military Hospital in order to take care of her infant daughter during the day. Shunned by her religious family for getting pregnant, she is barely getting by, trying to carve out a more loving and tolerant life for her daughter. Lieutenant Christian Howard is a patient recuperating from a devastating bombing that killed most his team and nearly cost him his life.  Riddled by survivor’s remorse Christian prays for death until an angel appears in his room one night. Georgia is the first person to look at Christian’s disfigurement and see the man beneath instead of a monster.

These two broken souls soon find salvation in each other but while they create their own small piece of heaven; hell soon breaks loose when Georgia's family reappears in her life. While Christian finds new purpose in caring for Georgia and her daughter, he wrestles with the desire to return to combat. Georgia knows Christian is torn between duty and commitment and although she wants him to stay, ultimately it is a decision only Christian can make.

STAY UNTIL DAWN draws you in from the first page and maintains that interest throughout this poignantly brilliant story. Christian is truly a good man made more remarkable after facing life-altering tragedies. Even though he feels unworthy of the support of friends and family, they are willing to help rebuild the broken man who begins his journey towards healing after meeting Georgia.  Georgia has suffered unthinkable cruelties at the hands of those who are supposed to love her and yet her spirit remains strong. Christian is the catharsis for change in Georgia's life and these two people are truly earmarked for each other. Her family is insufferable but they add crucial layers of complexity to the plot.

Every aspect of the story is beautifully done including the dialogue. The characters communicate and connect with such clarity that the pages come alive. The dialogue from Christian's perspective is so befitting the character that it is brings him to life. Georgia has a bit of sass but after being controlled most of her life; she is often uncomfortable stating her mind.

STAY UNTIL DAWN is a must read with a plot that is intricate and has many unexpected twist and turns.  This revitalizes the story at every turn and keeps the engaging to the last page. The characters are well developed and very realistic. I absolutely enjoyed STAY UNTIL DAWN and am very excited that Jamison continues The Redemption Series with this strong addition.
Previously Published as JERICO by Ginger Jamison (September 2014)