Review: Stay For Me
STAY FOR ME - Jamie Pope
Stonesong Digital
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: STAY FOR ME by Jamie Pope beautifully showcases a unique story of deliverance by divine intervention. 
Lexy Beecher has had enough of her husband’s abuse and wants a divorce, as soon as, he returns from active duty.  Unfortunately, Ryan returns home a broken man with no memories of his former life.  Lexy doesn’t have the heart to leave now given Ryan’s condition.  While helping him recover, Lexy paints a picture of the abusive man he was and Ryan cannot believe the horrific accounts.  He is unable to remember but Lexy can never forget the beatings as she bares the emotional and physical scars of each one.  Ryan’s memory is slow to return but he remains adamant he could never have done such unspeakable acts.  Lexy is conflicted by the stark differences between the man who went to war and the man who has returned.  He is kinder, passionate and dedicated to earning her trust.  While Lexy loves this new Ryan, she’s doubtful any man could change this much.  Either combat has totally reformed her husband or he’s just not the same man.
The story opens on a seemingly serene moment but quickly erupts into pandemonium.  This sets the scene for a riveting tale going forward.
Alexa (Lexy) Beecher is a survivor of domestic abuse and although she’s mistrustful; she has not lost the capacity to care.  Ryan Beecher, the alcoholic is a terrible person but he is the catalyst for the amazing event that later happens.  Cooper Thomaston may be vague about many things but he sure of one thing; he is lost in a perception unfamiliar to him.  In the end, his claims are vindicated and Cooper’s reward is a love like no other.  None of these characters has a simple life and there is reason to empathize with each one.
It is ironic that the story is set in a town called Liberty given that Lexy spends most of her life held captive by her husband’s cruelty and the blind eye of the town folk who ignore and even condone her plight. 
Lexy reveals startling incidents in her dialogues with Ryan and these bring Ryan’s character to life.  It also reveals the startling disparities between the old and new Ryan.  The new Ryan is nothing like the man she once feared.  Communication is important in revealing more about each character and in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
STAY WITH ME is a wonderfully captivating romance that tackles relevant topics of abuse, alcoholism, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but these issues don’t overwhelm a beautiful and inspiring story of redemption and love.
Previously Published as LIBERTY by Ginger Jamison (March 2014)