Review: Something New
Maroon Ash Publishing
July 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The second installment of the Cedar Bend Brides’ Series highlights Savannah ‘Savvy’ Williams and Damian Carson. Cedar Bend is the epitome of a southern small town where everybody knows everybody’s business. Damian owns an auto repair shop, along with his father, Damian, Sr. In their first encounter, Savvy gets lost during a rain storm while taking a walk, and she takes shelter in Damian’s auto shop. While she is there, she finds herself very attracted to Damian even though he is not her type, and she is visiting with her boyfriend (soon to be fiancé). The attraction is not one-sided. Damian likes what he sees as he checks Savvy out while his Pops engages her in conversation. He just can’t understand why her boyfriend did not search for her, because he certainly would have, if Savvy was his woman.

That was the first encounter between the heroine and hero. Two years later, Savvy and Damian meet for the second time when he again comes to her rescue when her car breaks down.  Savvy is returning to Cedar Bend to serve as maid-of-honor in her cousin Quinn’s wedding. As fate would have it, Damian is the best man for Eric, Quinn’s husband to be. But wait, Savvy’s status has changed, and she and her fiancé are no longer together. It seems that Savvy’s family, especially her sister, is not and has never been a fan of Savvy’s ex, but I’ll let you discover the reason why. However, it does mean that Damian is free to pursue Savvy.  Little does he know that his deceased mother’s wedding ring, and a run-away bride will bring them closer than he or Savvy ever imagined. It’s an unforgettable scene, and I’ll leave that right here to marinate. No spoilers.

One stand-out feature of this story is the fact that neither the heroine nor hero are members of ultra-wealthy families, but everyday, real people with regular jobs and bills. Another prominent aspect that helps to make this a choice story is how author, Lena Hart weaves the serious subject matter of dementia into the storyline. It adds another realistic detail that enhances the story.

The secondary characters, family and friends of the hero and heroine, populate the story and help to move it along. One that really impacts the storyline is the character of Pops, Damian Sr. He contributes such a diverse role as a father, a widower, and a man dealing with a serious life issue. What a great character!

I enjoyed the story of Savvy and Damian in
SOMETHING NEW. It’s a refreshing contemporary romance that has a lot of substance. Although it is the second book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. However, you can’t go wrong by reading SOMETHING OLD, Book 1. At any rate, I recommend SOMETHING NEW. You will not be disappointed. I also look forward to reading the third book, SOMETHING BORROWED.

13th August 2017 |