Review: Something Like Love
SOMETHING LIKE LOVE - Christina C. Jones
Warm Hues Media
May 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: The urban setting, created by author Christina C Jones, that displays coffee houses, tattoo parlors, yoga studios, pastry and flower shops operated by young entrepreneurs is perfect for this contemporary series that highlights the urban professionals featured in each novel. SOMETHING LIKE LOVE, the sixth book of the Serendipitous Love series, focuses on Eddie, the owner of a successful tattoo shop and Astrid, the owner of a popular yoga studio. (By the way, Eddie was introduced in the first book of this series.) Now it's his turn to explore this love thing or something like it.

As a couple, Eddie and Astrid look stunning together. Jones provides the readers with vivid descriptions of these main characters. However, it is the inner turmoil that the couple struggles with, that allows us to really see what they are about. Eddie’s blunt and in-your-face- persona extends to his sexual preferences, and I’ll leave that right there. A perfect counter-part is the character of Astrid, who is outspoken yet zen-like in her outlook on life. So, what will be their fate? I’ll let you find that out when you read the book. I can’t omit the sensual, sexy love encounters that Eddie and Astrid experience. When they get together, the sexy-meter is off the chart.

I love the characters that the author has created for this series, and they do a more than adequate job in helping to advancing the storyline. Since this is Book 6, we are reunited with some of the previous characters introduced in the earlier works. There is Carter, who owns the barber shop, Simone, flower shop owner, Roman, owner of a popular coffee shop to name a few. Eddie and Astrid’s families also play important roles in the couple’s lives. However, Eddie’s mother is over-the-top, and she gets my vote for the best minor character in this story.

If you are looking for a story that blends modern life issues with African American romance, then
SOMETHING LIKE LOVE is the book for you. Nevertheless, I must give this disclaimer that there is the use of profanity, but it is not used indiscriminately. Since this is the sixth book of a series, as I often say, acquaint yourselves with the series so that a continuity is established between each book. SOMETHING LIKE LOVE is an enjoyable read, and I recommend it.

17th May 2017 |