Review: Silver Screen Romance
Harlequin Kimani Romance
January 2017
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: SILVER SCREEN ROMANCE is AlTonya Washington’s latest Kimani Romance release. The story revolves around Kale Asante and Davia Sands, who have inherited a dilapidated movie theater in a small Iowa town from his uncle and her aunt. The problem is that while there is an obvious mutual attraction, Kale and Davia have a past misunderstanding that stands in the way of them becoming a couple.

The story mainly takes place in Mullins, Iowa where Kale and Davia have to battle small town mentality and racist ideals from a time gone by. The city council and some of the residents do not want Kale and Davia to fix the movie theater, which has gone to ruin, even though there is no movie theater in town. The reason is steeped in racism and an inability to move forward.

Both Kale and Davia both love theaters and are involved in building theaters around the country as industrialists. It is their love of theaters that laid the groundwork for their misunderstanding.  Davia misjudged Kale and accused him of using his good looks and sexy physique to buy a property out from underneath her from her friend. Kale continued to let her think that for years because of some misguided guilt because the friend, Martella, ended up dying. Throughout this whole time, Kale and Davia had never met; but Davia’s thoughts and opinions on Kale were well known to him.

SILVER SCREEN ROMANCE, AlTonya Washington did what she does best - delivered a solid story full of blazing passion. The chemistry between Kale and Davia is red hot and the love scenes are blazing! This is where Washington truly excels as an author because she is able to make the passion leap off of the page.

The only thing that I didn’t fully buy into was the conflict between Kale and Davia once they talked about Martella. Davia let the fact that she misjudged Kale and the situation with her friend prevent her from having a relationship with him even though it was clear that she wanted to be with Kale. I didn’t feel as though the misunderstanding was so major that it warranted Davia keeping Kale at arm’s length. Had Washington let the misunderstanding itself be the conflict and not Davia’s inability to get past her bad judgment call, then that aspect of the plot would have been more plausible.

Overall, AlTonya Washington did what she does best-deliver a smokin’ hot romance that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to curl up with a good read.

5th February 2017 |