Review: Seized By Seduction
Harlequin/HQN Books
May 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron| RATING: A
REVIEW: Whew! I just finished Brenda Jackson’s SEIZED BY SEDUCTION, the second book in The Protector series and let me tell you…! I think this is the best book out of the Protector series and the Granger series, hands down. Brenda Jackson has always been a reliable author who produces quality work; but after a while they can kind of be…well…ok. With SEIZED BY SEDUCTION, it was almost as if Mrs. Jackson found new inspiration or a new muse.

Quasar Patterson and Dr. Randi Fuller are the hero and heroine in
SEIZED BY SEDUCTION. Quasar is a former convict who served time for land fraud and Randi is a psychic investigator who freelances for various government agencies. Randi is a confident woman who can hold her own when it comes to the skeptics who doubt her abilities. Quasar is a big fine man who works for Summers Security Firm along with some of his former prison inmates, Striker and Stonewall. We met Striker in the first book in the Protector series, FORGED IN DESIRE.

Randi, who was blessed with the knowledge that she’ll know her forever mate when she sees him, has an immediate attraction to Quasar. Her great-grandmother came to her in a dream and told her how it would go down and lo and behold, that’s what happened. I wish someone had told me how my forever love would have happened, I could have saved myself from a lot of unnecessary drama; but I digress…

Quasar is immediately attracted to Randi and can’t understand the strong pull he has towards her…or his protective instincts when it comes to her. While he’s dealing with his reaction towards Randi, he’s also dealing with his own set of family issues, namely a dad who makes Lou Smith (Will’s dad in Fresh Prince) seem like Father of the Year, a backstabbing-no good-these dudes ain’t loyal-brother who is a real piece of work, and a brazen hussy that’s his ex. All of that makes for a very complex and multi-layered character.

Quasar and Randi together are dynamite. I love their scenes together whether it’s just them cuddling or making love, Brenda Jackson does a fantastic job of weaving these two together into a wonderful couple. I love how Quasar is kind and gentle, but also bold, strong, and protective as well. When his situation with his family finally comes to a head, how Brenda Jackson writes his character is nothing short of amazing. You felt what he feels and you want to beat someone down for daring to do what they did to Quasar.

Overall, this book is definitely worth reading and deserves a big “well done Mrs. Jackson!”.

6th May 2017 |