Review: Seduced by The Bachelor
Harlequin Kimani Romance
March 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Once again the Morretti male charisma ambushes another unsuspecting female in Pamela Yaye’s seventh installment of her Morretti Millionaires series.  These fine and wealthy Italian alpha males continue to melt hearts and live the American dream.

Markos Morretti is a very successful Los Angeles divorce attorney and brother to Dante Morretti
(SEDUCED BY THE MOGUL), Emilio Morretti (SEDUCED BY MR. RIGHT) and Immanuel Morretti (SEDUCED BY THE HERO).  He is a work-a-holic, but is taking time away from his high-profile firm for a few days of R&R with his family in Tampa. Seated next to him on the plane in first class is a bubbly beauty that is interrupting his mediocre plan to read motions and write depositions.  She picks up on his “I don’t want to be disturbed” vibe and retreats to her music, seat dancing and reading. Her effervescent aura continues to assault him so he acquiesces too ultimately experience a weekend they both will always remember.

Tatiyana Washington is an amateur imposter.  She has devised a frivolous scheme to befriend Markos to help prove the paternity of her sister’s baby. Using her feminine wiles, she pulls out all the stops to implement a plan to seduce Markos and capture it on a video.  Best laid plans often go awry as Tatiyana fails to anticipate the emotions that result from her Tampa tryst.

Yaye creates another great Morretti storyline combining sizzling romance with a bit of suspense. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and witnessing unsuspecting females succumb to the Morretti mystic. Tatiyana and Markos are polar opposites from different socioeconomic backgrounds.  Neither are what they portray themselves to be.  Tatiyana isn’t the worldly hot-mama she plays so well and Markos isn’t the tough, hot legendary playboy comfortable in Los Angeles society.  After many tears, confessions and volatile episodes, they manage to forge a relationship that works for them.

In addition to our leading characters, other honorable mentions include Tatiyana’s man-chasing mother, her naïve sister and the Morretti clan, including brothers, spouses and significant others.  The setting is primarily Los Angeles, with a memorable jaunt in Tampa and an impromptu romantic interlude at Markos’ estate in Palm Springs.  In
SEDUCED BY THE BACHELOR, Yaye demonstrates “sometimes people do the wrong thing for the right reason”.  So, do the right thing and check out SEDUCED BY THE BACHELOR.  It’s a good compliment to the series which Yaye discloses concludes with the next book.

24th April 2017 |