Review: Prince Ever After
Harlequin Kimani Romance
July 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: A.C. Arthur returns to the Caribbean island of Grand Serenity to deliver the final installment in her Royal Weddings series.  PRINCE EVER AFTER is the story of Prince Roland Simon DeSaunters and Valora Harrington; two misfits who perfectly complement each other.

The last two novels in this series presented the weddings of Prince Kristian DeSaunters and Princess Samantha DeSaunters while their father Prince Rafferty DeSaunters plans his elaborate wedding to American socialite, Malayka Sampson. The same cast of characters return with the addition of Valora Harrington, the daughter of one of Prince Rafferty’s oldest friends, Hugo Harrington, a notorious boozer and petty gambler.  Island lore claims Hugo promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to Prince Kristian to pay a gambling debt.  After the Prince married a woman of his choosing, Harrington offers his daughter to playboy Prince Roland.  Roland refuses Harrington’s offer of his daughter to cover yet another gambling debt, but he is intrigued by Valora and is immediately charmed by her innocence.

Valora is an unsung artist who works in the island museum.  She lives a quiet almost “Cinderella-ish” life out of the spotlight that her father constantly tries to thrust her into.  His latest failed gambling attempt has her being offered again to another island Prince to satisfy a debt, much to her embarrassment.

Prince Roland is a carefree Caribbean playboy and the exact opposite of his more reserved brother. He and Valora are from two different socio-economic backgrounds, but their commonality is that they view themselves as misfits. Valora is unhappy and resigned to the fact that she is fated to live an uneventful life on the island.  Her only hope is in a reoccurring dream she has of finding her faceless prince charming who will rescue her from her depressed state. Roland has no desire to ascend to the throne or contend with the pomp and circumstance, but is loyal to his family and the memory of his revered mother.  Despite these hang-ups they sense an undeniable connection.

Arthur’s conclusion to the Royal Weddings series is laced with humor, island passion and a complex subplot. Each novel in this series is a stand-alone, but I recommend reading each one to enjoy the sweet romances.
PRINCE EVER AFTER is a fitting conclusion to an adorable storyline about finding royal love under the most unusual circumstances.

14th August 2017 |