Review: Oh Baby
OH BABY - Maureen Smith
Wordsmith Enterprises
January 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B
REVIEW: I am sure that if you are a Wolf Pack follower, you are familiar with the Wolf family and friends. Author, Maureen Smith gives us a quick family update in the novella, OH BABY. The reader is given a timeline of sorts leading up to this story. It’s two years after the events of THIS I PROMISE YOU, featuring Quentin and Lexi Reddick, close friends of the Wolf family. So, it’s December 2015.

Samara Wolf, wife of successful Atlanta Attorney, Marcus Wolf is pregnant, and she wants to surprise Marcus by making the announcement on Christmas.  Their family is growing, Samara is on cloud nine, Marcus couldn’t be more successful and in love, and all is right in the Wolf world. Let’s see, there is the 105 year old matriarch Mama Wolf, Sterling and Asha, Michael and Reese, Stan and Prissy, Manning and Taylor, Quentin and Lexi, Mason, Montana, Magnum, and Maddox Wolf. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to revisit this beautiful family, their friends, and their children. However, it’s just a little too perfect. The family is preparing to spend the Christmas holiday in Burgundy (France) at Asha’s chateau. Where’s the drama, the chink in the plot, the threat to the family unit? Nothing, nada, zilch! Everything goes off without a hitch. The only dilemmas that pop up are the Morehouse nine are not able to be together at a Morehouse alumni party, and Summer (Lexi’s sister) and Percy (one of the Morehouse nine) are not a couple anymore. Really Maureen? There are a number of hot, steamy love scenes between Marcus and Samara that are off-the-chain, but they do not make up for the uncommonly sketchy plot. 
OH BABY is a nice quick read that wraps everything up in a neat sumptuous package.

I am a follower of Maureen Smith, and I have, up to now, enjoyed her exceptional creative writing talent.
OH BABY is a nice update with no substance. I recommend it if you want to catch up with the Wolfs and friends, but don’t expect much more.

12th February 2017 |