Review: Nights of Fantasy
NIGHT OF FANTASY - Sherelle Green
Harlequin Kimani Romance
April 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Heroine Danni Allison and Hero Jaleen Walker begin their love journey as ‘frenemies’ who are known to frequently engage in sarcastic comments about each other whenever their paths crossed leaving their mutual friends shaking their heads.  So, when does their relationship begin to change?  It happens when Jaleen and Danni began to see their true feelings reflected in each other’s eyes.

In their mutual circle of close friends, Danni and Jaleen are the only ones who are single. There is definitely an attraction which they try to camouflage by throwing insults at each other. However, when the sexual tension and chemistry is so evident, the attraction to each other is bound to take over. Where there were once barbs and jabs, sweet kisses and intimate caresses take their place. As Danni and Jaleen’s love for each other develops, there is a secret that each of them harbors that prevents them from totally committing. Jaleen is determined to break through that wall that Danni has built by engaging her in five nights of fantasy derived from her very own “to do list by age 30”. I’ll just say, “Job well done, Jaleen.” That leaves Danni trying to figure out how she can get Jaleen to confide in her and rid himself of the secret that sends him to a dark place. You should know by now, that no spoilers will be given here. However, kudos to author, Sherelle Green for coming up with two doozies. Both Danni and Jaleen are struggling with secrets that stem from family situations.

Speaking of family situations…Jaleen is at odds with his father because he tries to control Jaleen’s future. Danni is dealing with a family dilemma that involves blackmail. You will be shocked to find out who that culprit is. Needless to say, the side characters are well-developed and contribute a great deal to the development of the story-line.

Since NIGHTS OF FANTASY is the fourth book of the Bare Sophistication series, the side characters are comprised of old friends and family members who were either introduced in earlier books or have their own published story. As I usually advise readers, it is always advantageous to acquaint yourselves with all of the books of the series to form a connection to the characters, settings and storylines. For example, NIGHTS OF FANTASY provides closure to questions about Danni and Jaleen’s actions and motivations (when they appeared in earlier books of the series) that lead to some eye-popping ‘aha’ moments. You’ll get it when you read the book.

is an enjoyable read, and I recommend it to all the Romance readers who like a good page-turner.

11th June 2017 |