Review: My Joy
MY JOY - Suzette Harrison
CreateSpace Publishing

March 2017
Contemporary Christian Fiction
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: What do you have when one book incorporates a romantic storyline, a dramatic storyline and comedy?  Well, you have MY JOY, an Urban Christian Romance with an eclectic offering that features a sassy, clap-back heroine, Pearl Joy Matthews, and a hunky, celibate hero, Quinton Daley. This book has everything in a well-written entertaining contemporary tale.

The story begins at The Hourglass, a “Gentlemen’s Club”, that caters to patrons with fat wallets who prefer plus-sized women. Our plus-sized heroine, Joy works there as a means to an end. The end being owning and operating a cake salon business. As a part-time employee of this club, Joy only serves as a 1st level companion to the gentlemen who seek her company; never offering more than conversation and company. She leaves anything more to those who patronize the 2nd and 3rd levels of the club. Not only is Joy working at the Hourglass, she is also a student honing her baking skills and constantly working on certification in that field. Ms. Joy is no joke, yet there is one who underestimates her, and I’ll leave that right there for now. Joy is reunited with her childhood friend, Quinton Daley when he arrives in Sacramento to oversee the renovation of a local community center, Harvest House or as Joy calls it, ‘rest Ho. You’ll get that when you read the book.

Both the heroine and hero are flawed characters who are carrying baggage from their pasts that affects their present lifestyles. However, it’s Joy’s metamorphosis from an agnostic, sexually liberated woman to a believer that is the catalyst of the storyline. Even though Joy and Quinton are attracted to each other, their HEA is not going to come easily. Joy is reluctant to get involved with this man of faith because she “doesn’t do men with Bible breath”.  There is much more to this novel than the witty repartee that occurs between Joy and Quinton, her circle of friends and relatives, and her ‘cult’ following mother, Lucretia. Beneath the surface, the developing subplot involves some heavy subject matter that I won’t reveal, but I will tell you that The Hourglass Gentlemen’s Club is part of the problem, along with one bad guy by the name of Randall Cummings. You will also discover that there are characters and situations that are not as they appear to be. It’s deadly serious, and kudos to author, Suzette Harrison ,for doing such a competent job of including it.

I enjoyed MY JOY so much, and I know you will too. It’s a page turner, it’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s serious, and I recommend it.

12th March 2017 |