Review: Miami After Hours
Harlequin Kimani Romance
June 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: MIAMI AFTER HOURS is Yahrah St. John’s latest novel under the Kimani line and the latest in her Millionaire Moguls series. It tells the love story of ambitious Angela Trainor and her boss Daniel Cobb. This novel was a great rainy day read that I very much enjoyed.

Angela Trainor has a life that many would envy. Traveled around the world? Check! Confident and comfortable in her skin? Check! Fabulous wardrobe? Check! Dream job? Check! The only thing missing is owning her dream home (don’t worry she’s saving towards that!) and love interest. That’s where Daniel Cobb comes in. Handsome? Goodness YES! Rich? Yes! Fabulous lifestyle? Yes! Great job? Yes…and that’s the problem. He’s also her boss.

Angela and Daniel both feel the intense attraction between them and both try to ignore it and be professional, but Daniel’s taken Angela under his wing (he sees the potential she has to be a top-notch realtor) and the constant proximity proves to be their undoing.

Yahrah St. John does a great job with the chemistry. You could sense the attraction and all but feel the heat in the love scenes. The storyline is true to its niche of boss/employee romance with some bonus material thrown in. You have the well-meaning coworker who senses the attraction and tries to warn her girl that Mr. Boss Man is a player. You have a bit of intrigue with the coup that’s being plotted within the Millionaire Moguls group and you have the classic story of the black sheep of the family (Angela).

There are two issues that I had with the story. The first issue was Daniel and his wishy washy commitment ways. One minute he wants to be with Angela and then it’s like once they give into their desires, he backs off until the next time. Yes, he’s her boss..blah blah blah…listen, after the first time, that excuse is no longer valid.

My second issue is somewhat related to my first. The root of Daniel’s wishy washy ways is that he loved and lost…but he is never with the one he loved. He loved her from afar. Yep, you read that right. They were never in a relationship and he never told her how he felt. When Mia died, Darius closed himself off from relationships and love. He used Mia’s death as a reason to keep women at arm’s length because he didn’t want to love and lose again. I kept wanting to say, “Dude y’all weren’t even in a relationship!”
Overall, this was a solid read with a couple minor issues. If you or your book club are looking for a good book to read and discuss, then you can’t go wrong with

19th June 2017 |