Review: Mended With Love
MENDED WITH LOVE - Unoma Nwankwor
KevStel Group
October 2017
Christian Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The third and final book of the Sons of Ismael series centers around Kamal Danjuma, the soccer star and the youngest of the three Danjuma brothers. As the story opens, Kamal is in the throes of a crisis. Coming off a disastrous season in the United States, Kamal is returning to the United Kingdom to play soccer in hopes that he can get his life in order and his athletic career back on track. We also meet Ebele Ashiedu, the heroine of this story, who coincidentally is also trying to get her life in order and her college career back on track. Fate brings them together on a flight to England that will prove to be life changing for the hero and heroine.

Kamal “Kammy” Danjuma is a celebrity. Everywhere he goes, people recognize him. Plus, he’s rich, handsome and very personable. When he and Ebele meet on a flight to England, they instantly hit it off. This couple has a lot in common. They have father issues that they must face, and resolve because those issues affect their future. Ebele has a few months from her college graduation, and she must complete the requirements in order to receive her degree. That’s a number one priority, and her future career plans depend on that degree. Kamal understands this, yet he is determined to keep Ebele close. However, there is another factor that enters into their relationship dynamic that I will not reveal. I will say that it’s a doozy that threatens Kamal and Ebele’s strained connection. Great plot twist and kudos to author Unoma Nwankwor!

The subplots that run throughout the story that the hero and heroine can not avoid or ignore is their relationship with their Heavenly Father, and their relationship with their earthly fathers. Kamal undergoes a life-changing experience as he is mended by love physically and spiritually. You will get that when you read the story. Ebele is a Christian, yet she has to reconcile her belief in God with her feelings about her father. I like how author, Nwankwor, weaves spirituality into her stories without coming off as being too “preachy”.

The secondary characters are well-developed and help to move the storyline along. It was great to catch up with the two Danjuma brothers, Rasheed and Jabir, their charming mother, and the brothers’ families. We are also introduced to Ebele’s mother, her best friend Nse, and Tega, Kamal’s soccer playing buddy.

I understand that Christian Fiction may not be everyone’s preference, but Unoma Nwankwor is such a gifted writer that you will find yourself completely engaged in the story.
MENDED WITH LOVE is bound together with romance, love, forgiveness, redemption, Biblical truths, great music and food. I highly recommend this novel. While you are at it, I recommend that you also read the books about the other Danjuma brothers: Rasheed, A SCOOP OF LOVE, and Jabir, ANCHORED BY LOVE. You can thank me later.

1st November 2017 |