Review: Lust
LUST - Victoria Christopher Murray
Simon & Schuster/Touchstone
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Leave it up to Victoria Christopher Murray to pen a novel that features one of the seven deadly sins in a contemporary setting that is relatable and not preachy. This book has a storyline that includes love, revenge, forgiveness and murder. The setting is D.C., and the story opens as the hero, Damon King, and the heroine, Tiffanie Cooper are preparing to get married.

Damon King has a shady past that stems from a gangsta lifestyle when he lived in Atlanta. Since relocating to Washington, D.C., he’s a changed man, and his business dealings are purely legit. He has established himself as a solid business man, and he now enjoys a stellar reputation. Most of all, Damon is looking forward to marrying Tiffanie and really settling down and raising a family. Tiffanie loves Damon, and she is looking forward to her fast-approaching wedding day. Although she is looking forward, her past is never far behind. Tiffanie lost her mother to a tragic occurrence that has haunted her all of her adult life. With the guidance and love of her grandparents, the Rev. and Mrs. Cooper, Pastor and 1st Lady of First AME Church, Tiffanie has received sound Biblical principles that have helped her. Yet, lately, the cause of her mother’s death has come to the forefront of her thoughts. Why? Well, without revealing any spoilers, there is one character who reappears in her and Damon’s life who triggers negative thoughts and actions that have the potential to destroy any hope of her having a future with Damon. Not only does Trey Taylor, Damon’s longtime friend and former partner in crime re-enter society after doing a stint in prison for drug possession, but he also re-enters Damon and Tiffanie’s life by standing in as Damon’s best man. Get ready for an impressive modern day conclusion to a time-old dilemma of resisting the devil.

The author employs several techniques that allow this story to stand out. First, the dialogue and characterization both help to aptly advance the storyline. That Trey character is the epitome of an antihero who makes you want to do something to him yourself. Second, the characters’ back stories that are revealed make their present actions believable. You understand Damon’s loyalty and Tiffanie’s struggle. Last, but not least, by using the first person point of view, Victoria Christopher Murray unfolds the story through the eyes of her hero and heroine, Damon and Tiffanie. The reader is privy to their thoughts, actions and motives.

Victoria Christopher Murray is a talented writer whose skills are fully demonstrated in
LUST. I recommend this book. It is a compelling and enjoyable read.

19th February 2017 |