Review: Love Under Contract
Amaris Publishing
March 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Once again author, Sharon C. Cooper, treats us to another story featuring the Jenkins’ family. This time, however, it’s not the women of Jenkins Construction but the men of Jenkins’ Construction who find love in this latest series. The hero of this contemporary tale is Nicholas Jenkins-Moore, the new senior manager of Jenkins & Sons Construction of Cincinnati, Ohio. The lovely Sumeera Robinson, local real estate agent, is the heroine of this story. A second chance at love is the theme that supports the storyline. Sumeera and Nick had been involved in a relationship when Sumeera broke it off because Nick was not ready to fully commit. As the story opens, Sumeera is showing Nick a house that is large enough for a growing family. Not only does that fact bother Sumeera, but she is also troubled because she still loves Nick.

What to do?! Sumeera is torn between her feelings for Nick and her need to protect her heart. Plus, she has some serious issues with her parents that I will not divulge, but they have a lot to do with her demanding 100% commitment from Nick. It’s not a one-way street because Nick is still in love with Sumeera. His dilemma is that he has to convince her that he is no longer commitment phobic. After a month separation, he is ready to do anything he can to convince Sumeera that he is ready. There is a subplot that runs parallel to the main plot that involves Nick, the construction company and Sumeera’s father. No spoilers, but it reveals a lot about the character of Sumeera’s dad. So, with Sumeera’s plans to move on without Nick, and Nick’s plans to land a big deal for the company and get Sumeera back, something happens that neither of them expected. And I’ll leave that right there.

The Jenkins’ family is present in full force. I love a series that updates us on previously featured characters. You will discover that the Jenkins’ ladies spotlighted in previous stories have been quite busy. It’s totally a family affair.

LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION is a good read. I recommend it, and also the other books in the Jenkins family series. You’ll be glad you did.

17th March 2017 |