Review: Love Tango
LOVE TANGO - J. M. Jeffries
Harlequin Kimani Romance
March 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Roxanne Deveraux and Nick Torres are dance partners on the popular Celebrity Dance show.  Talk about having two left feet.  Roxanne wants to dance but she is not very good at it.  Nick is an excellent dancer and with his help Roxanne is able to greatly improve her dance steps and go on to win the coveted trophy.  Spending so much time together makes it impossible for Roxanne and Nick to ignore the growing attraction between them.  Not only are they dance partners but they become partners off the dance floor to their mutual delight.  Roxanne has parents that are not so pleased with her independence.  And that’s putting it mildly.  Together Roxanne and Nick work to thwart her parents attempt to bring her back under their control.  Roxanne has been out from under their thumb since she was sixteen years old and has no plans to go back.  Nick is more than willing to help her deal with this situation.  But he may have his own set of issues to deal with.  Some unsettling news has come to light that has the potential to cause a rift in his own family.

Nick Torres is a dancer and has always desired to be one since he was a child.  He lived in New York for years and came back home two years ago due to some personal problems of the female gender.  Since then he has started over and has been very successful on Celebrity Dance.  Nick is very passionate about his dancing and it shows in his movements on the dance floor.

Roxanne is a former child star who left the business to escape her domineering parents.  She loves acting but her true passion lies elsewhere.  She’s a strong, independent woman in control of her life now and is happy with the direction it’s taking her.  She does what she wants, when she wants and doesn’t have to answer to anyone for her actions.

The writing team of
J.M. Jeffries brings us another good read involving the Torres family of California.  LOVE TANGO is the second entry into this so far enjoyable series.  Roxanne Deveraux is bowled over by handsome Nick Torres.  And Nick is enamored of the lovely Ms. Deveraux.  Nick comes from a large family and his family is very close.  Roxanne’s background is just the opposite.  As the two of them grow closer, Roxanne feels that she can trust Nick and trust her feelings with him, even though he hasn’t defined his feelings for her.  But as things escalates with her parents, Nick is right by her side.  Actions speak louder than words.

Besides the romantic perspective, this story also gives us a little peak into the world of dancing and all the hard work that goes into perfecting a dance routine. I love this writing duo.  They always have something a little different going on in their stories.  They never disappoint.  It makes for some very interesting reading.

This was a good book. I would recommend it to others.  I also love hearing about previous characters and the authors obliged us with a little update on Greer and Daniel from
BLOSSOMS OF LOVE.  Pick up a copy and read the entire story.  You won’t be disappointed.

1st May 2017 |