Review: Kindred Souls
Sable SiStars Publishing
August 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: If you are familiar with D Camille’s prolific works (If not, you need to get on it.) you know that her serial stories have been set in the big cities, Los Angeles (The Black Diamond Series, The Uncut Series) and Detroit (The Black Land Series). For this series, the setting has shifted from the big cities to the Michigan countryside, namely Grayling, Michigan. Not only is there a change in the setting, but there is also a shift in the lifestyle, and action of the characters involved in the storyline. That fast-paced, big city living we became accustomed to in the previous works gives way to the easy going, laid back serenity of The Sable Inn that is owned and operated by the Sable family, Lloyd, Lana, Lorna and Lena. We previously encountered the Sables in THE BULL (The Black Land Series Book 2) when the protagonists, Lance and Khayla, visited the establishment.  Now, one of the co-owners of the Sable Inn, Lana Sable, is featured in her own story, along with Political Campaign Manager, Derek Wells. Derek is no stranger to D Camille’s avid followers. He was the highly touted campaign manager for Brandon Williams of THE SCALES (The Black Land Series Book 3), who successfully ran for mayor of Detroit. Another familiar character, Lavender, from the Black Diamonds Series, appears as Lloyd’s love interest and utilizes her “gift” that helps to add a bit of drama to the story.

Now that the background has been established, let’s take a closer look at our featured couple, Lana Sable and Derek Wells. When the story opens Derek is ‘led’ to stop at the Sable Inn because he is in need of some serious rest and relaxation. The Inn is located away from the chaotic urban scene, and the tranquility of the small town of Grayling, Michigan, lures him in. Derek is greeted by the serene Lana Sable who serves as the Director of Hospitality for the family run Inn. Ironically, prior to Derek’s entrance, during a book club meeting, Lana, along her girlfriends, is involved in an engrossing discussion about the type of man that appeals to her. In steps Derek Wells, and when he sees Lana, it’s on. What I like about this couple is that we learn that they are so different in the way they grew up, the lifestyle they live, and their hopes for the future. Talk about how opposites attract! Yet, the chemistry between them is undeniable, and everyone around them can see it.  For this couple, it will take patience, strategy, and some plain old luck to arrive at a HEA, and I love their journey. Get ready, Romance readers for a tranquil and sublime story that exudes love and respect.

As always, D Camille successfully interjects a serious subject matter into the story. In
KINDRED SOULS, we are presented with the current unfavorable political climate in Washington D.C. as it affects Derek’s position as a Political Strategist, and his unwavering belief in helping the most viable and honest candidate who has the best interest of the Black community in mind. It’s a timely and effective commentary. Another admirable attribute is the Sable family’s devotion to the land and their heritage, the Sable Inn, that has been passed down through generations.

Great secondary characters populate the story. The Sable family members are engaging and enhance the storyline. The other minor characters, Derek’s family members, the Inn’s employees, and the book club members all contribute to the flow of the story. I love the “Urban Tendencies” that Derek exerts as he goes up against the Sable’s nemesis, Robert “Robbie” Gross. Derek handles his business like a Boss. You’ll get that when you read the book.

KINDRED SOULS is an excellent addition to the D Camille collection. It has great characters, just the right amount of drama, and romance. Yes, it can be read as a standalone since it is the beginning of a new series; however, I highly recommend reading the previous three series, because there is an explicit connection between all the books. You never know when a character from a previous book will show up. I highly recommend KINDRED SOULS. It’s an enjoyable, albeit slower-paced, and timely story about real love, and two people who never lose sight of that love.

20th August 2017 |