Review: It Started In Paradise
Harlequin Kimani Romance
July 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: At what point in your life do you sever the parental ties that dictate the course of your future and begin to shape your own destiny?  This is the question facing star-crossed lovers Chloe Chandler and Donovan Rivers in IT STARTED IN PARADISE - The Chandler Legacy.

Chloe and Chandler have known each other since they were children. However, their mothers forbid any interaction between the families because of a feud that stems from their college days.  Those fine Rivers boys are off limits, but they didn’t go unnoticed.

Donovan’s family owns a stunning entertainment venue, a catering business and manages and builds upscale properties. Chloe’s family owns a consumer goods dynasty and a waterside restaurant. Not only are their matriarchs personal rivals, but the families are business rivals vying for a lucrative contract that will boost their image as event planners.

Chloe and Donovan cross paths at an industry convention in Puerto Rico and sparks fly instantly.  Encouraged by her uninhibited sister, Jewel, and despite family restrictions, the demure and workaholic Chloe gives into temptation and Donovan’s overtures to see where this attraction leads.

Night does an excellent job of creating multifaceted leading characters and blending them in a unique storyline. Chloe is furiously loyal to the family business and works extremely hard to please her tyrannical mother. She is much more than the studious workaholic she portrays. She is a talented singer, but suppresses that gift to her mother’s pleasure. Donovan is a faithful employee doing double-duty for his family’s two enterprises. His extreme good looks afford him an abundant social life and he doesn’t mix business with pleasure.  He loves his mother, but is clearly his own man and lives life on his own terms.

Other characters impacting this story include the feuding mothers, their docile fathers, Chloe’s two sisters and brother, Donovan’s brother and the celebrity client they both are courting.

Are Chloe and Donovan able to act on this mutual attraction and remain loyal to their mothers? I’ll never tell, but pick up
IT STARTED IN PARADISE to find out before book two, DESIRE IN A KISS drops later this year.

20th August 2017 |