Review: Hopelessly Forever
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September 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Her name is Quinn Jacobs and she is known to her best friends, Ava, Mac, Raven and Ryleigh, as a hopeless romantic. Quinn is also the initiator of “the pact”. The pact that the four bridesmaids toasted to at Ava’s wedding that declared they would all be married within a year. Ironically, Mac, Raven and Ryleigh meet that deadline, and Quinn is the only Bridesmaid who remains single. How can this be? After all, it was her idea. How can she return to Rosewood Heights during the Christmas holidays as an unmarried fifth wheel?

Quinn is certainly in a predicament that has her feeling a little jealous and very disappointed in herself. She wants to be a wife and have the kind of marriage longevity that is prevalent in her family. Well, in steps Paxton Wolfe. What a great name! Paxton is all about his business, the flooring business. Quinn contracts him to install new flooring at her place, but their business takes on a life of its own. You’ll get that when you read the story. I like Pax’s character because he is not the stereotypical Romance hero. The old adage of opposites attract applies to Quinn and Pax. Because of the unusual nature of their relationship, Quinn and Pax have some hurdles to jump. Can they work it out? Will Quinn become a married woman by the deadline of the pact? No spoilers.

HOPELESSLY FOREVER is the last book of the Once Upon A Bridesmaid series, and it’s a worthy finale to an engaging series. From the first book, YOURS FOREVER, BY Sherelle Green, BEYOND FOREVER, the second book, by Elle Wright, to the third installment, EMBRACING FOREVER by Sheryl Lister, it almost seems as if the authors were writing their stories in the same room at the same time. The continuity is priceless. The theme of finding love where you least expect it is developed with a consistent writing style that makes this series an engaging read.

Kudos to author Angela Seals for pulling everything together with a great Epilogue. The five best friends are together again in Rosewood Heights, South, Carolina after a year, but under totally different circumstances when we encountered them in the first book of the series. I highly recommend this series. My advice to you is to read all four books, so you will get the total experience of four best friends who find their forever love. You will not be disappointed.

18th October 2017 |