Review: Hope Blooms
HOPE BLOOMS - Jamie Pope
Kensington Dafina/Romance
April 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: HOPE BLOOMS by Jamie Pope is a story of love lost and found again and tragedy that turns to triumph. It’s a story that portrays broken people who take it one day at a time to regain some semblance of healing in order to live a life with renewed purpose. The heroine, Cassandra (Cass) Miller, and the hero, Wylie James Everett, both fall into that category. The setting is the New England area, beginning in the small town of Harmony Falls and moving to the quiet town of Acquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard. The serene setting of Acquinnah is very appropriate because it counters the turbulence in the lives of some of the story’s inhabitants.

The first chapter of this novel is riveting. It could be a scene pulled right from the headlines of today’s news reports. No spoilers, but in the aftermath of this tragic event, Cass loses her husband and her unborn child.  She relives this tragedy in the form of recurring nightmares. However, Cassandra Miller is not living.  As a matter of fact, she is barely surviving. Her mother has been literally watching her bedridden daughter succumb to this tragedy for a year, when she does the only thing she can think of to save her life. Cass’s mother sends for Wylie, Cass’s childhood friend and love of her life. While Wylie rescues Cass, the former Marine is also struggling with his own personal demons. Yet, he is on a mission to bring his friend and lover back to her former self. Can these two broken people recover from past events that threaten to destroy them? One thing for sure; it will not be easy. Keep in mind that Cass was married, and her husband (Terrance) and Wylie grew up like brothers. I’ll leave that right there.

In a series of well placed flashbacks, author Jamie Pope, reveals significant details concerning the heroine and hero’s life from the time they first meet as children to their late teens. These details provide a backstory that is very compelling. The use of the flashback technique not only serves to advance the storyline, but it also provides insight into the characters’ motives.

Cass and Wylie are not alone in their efforts to heal and overcome past hurts. One of the outstanding minor characters is Wylie’s sister, Nova. Left as a child to live with her drunkard mother, Nova is living in fear of being a bad parent to her son, Teo. Then there is Tanner, who is nursing some “invisible scars from war”. Nova and Tanner’s characters are like oil and water, and yet, they have the promise of becoming the heroine and hero of their own story.

I enjoyed
HOPE BLOOMS, and I recommend it. The HEA is truly heartwarming!

19th March 2017 |