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HIS SECRET SON - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire

December 2017
Category Romance
REVIEWER:  Alicia Aaron | RATING: A
REVIEW: HIS SECRET SON by Brenda Jackson is part of the Westmoreland Legacy series, a spinoff of her popular Westmoreland Family books. This is the story of Laramie “Coop” Cooper, a member of Bane Westmoreland’s Seal team, and Bristol Lockett.

From the very beginning of the book, readers are drawn into the chemistry between Coop and Bristol who meet in Paris and have an affair lasting several days before Coop has to leave on a mission. A couple of months after Coop leaves, Bristol discovers that she’s pregnant. Brenda Jackson did an amazing job of taking the secret pregnancy trope and making it different. When Bristol finds out she’s pregnant, she immediately writes a letter and searches for Coop, even going so far as having her friends work their connections within the Department of Defense to find his whereabouts. She’s told he’s dead and she mourns him. Bristol moves back to New York to have her baby, a son that she names after his dad. She also concocts this tale that she and Coop were married and she is his widow. Bristol does all of this to avoid questions about her single parenthood and to create a narrative for their son when he gets older. Three years later, Coop is in New York and happens to come across an advertisement of an art show for an artist named Bristol. He wonders if it’s his Bristol and stops by. The story picks up from there.

HIS SECRET SON is full of romance, including sweet love scenes and the ever present happy ever after. I like how Bristol didn’t try to hide their son from Coop and was willing to give him as much access as he wanted. I loved how Coop didn’t demand a pregnancy test, or go full alpha male and try to take Laramie, their son, from her or make her uproot her life by moving to live with him.

This story works because it’s simple and written beautifully. It’s realistic, with themes of single motherhood, black love, and black wealth. Bristol is a single mother, raised by a single mother; although that was her mother’s choice. Coop is the son of a wealthy family, born to parents who love him. Both are very independent and have strict core values.

The only thing that I didn’t like was how Bristol attempted to keep Coop at arm’s distance because she was afraid of him losing him because of his job. Even though her concerns were real, I didn’t like her half-hearted attempt at distancing herself. I say half-hearted because it didn’t last long. All it took was for Coop to kiss her or be near her for her resolve to crash and burn.

Overall, HIS SECRET SON is a solid read; one that I enjoyed because it was different from many other secret baby/pregnancy romances that I have read over the years. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to Brenda Jackson fans. You will not be disappointed.

10th April 2018 |