Review: He Said, She Said
HE SAID, SHE SAID - Danielle Burton
Fiction in Color
January 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: HoneyWell, Alabama is the very appropriate setting for this entertaining contemporary romance. HoneyWell is a small southern town “where scandalous things happen ….and your business is never your own”. Who knows this better than the heroine, Carli Dubois, and the hero, Joseph Grayson, who reunite after they both return to HoneyWell to live. Town gossip, many times taken as gospel, is the unpleasant mode of news that permeates HoneyWell like a thick fog.

One of the main victims of the town gossips is Carli Dubois. She escaped HoneyWell when she took off for the fame and fortune of Hollywood and dreams of becoming an actress. I won’t reveal her backstory, but because of some unfortunate choices and circumstances, Carli finds herself back in HoneyWell eking out a living, raising a son, and staying with her mother. Joseph Grayson, another short-lived escapee from HoneyWell, is back to takeover the family business that his older brother, Jahmir, was not able to sustain. His return also sets the gossipers in motion. When Carli and Joseph reunite, sparks fly and sizzle. Ironically, when they were younger, Carli was Joseph’s babysitter, but that bit of history becomes null and void when they meet again as adults. This story has multi layers that author, Danielle Burton, skillfully places throughout the storyline. From moments of hilarity, to steamy encounters, to poignant scenes, you will encounter them all.

Since this is Book #1 of
The HoneyWell Chronicles, it’s safe to say that we will be regaled with more stories. There are plenty of minor characters introduced in this book to guarantee more books to come. There’s Jahmir, Joseph’s brother, Carli’s rock climbing  gal pals, Janine and Bea (You’ll get that when you read the book.) and last but not least, Carli and Joseph’s slots-playing  mothers. The characters, major and minor, are all working-class people who are very relatable.

This is a contemporary romance with real life issues. It’s a quick read; I enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more HoneyWell Chronicles. Get
HE SAID, SHE SAID. I recommend it!

15th January 2017 |