Review: Game Plan
GAME PLAN - Patricia Sargeant
Mediopolis Communications

May 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING: A
REVIEW: Brooklyn, New York serves as the backdrop for this novella that picks up with the fictitious hometown NBA team, the Brooklyn Monarchs, after they have won their first national championship. It’s the off-season, and this story features two players of the victorious team, Anthony, ‘The Saint’ Chambers and Serge Gateau. Serge, the six-foot-ten forward, is already involved with Constance Street who works for the Monarch organization. As the story opens, Anthony is meeting Faith Wilcox, a promising cartoonist, for the first time, and not making a very good impression.

Anthony, Faith, Serge and Constance, the protagonists of this novella, find themselves at a crossroads in their careers and lives. In a way, they are all seeking a “game plan” for their future. Constance’s future decisions after a divorce from an abusive husband, will not only affect her relationship with Serge, but also her young daughter. Serge has a plan, but can he convince Constance that she and her daughter are the heart of that plan. On the other hand, there is ‘the Saint’ (a moniker that Anthony detests by the way) who is pondering his future with the team after a championship season. Despite pressure from his agent and older brother, Anthony has to come up with a plan that not only assures his future with the Monarchs, but also with Faith. Speaking of Faith, she is trying to advance her career as a cartoonist of a locally popular newspaper cartoon series. While Anthony is clear on his career plan, will he allow outside forces to influence him as far as his future with Faith is concerned? Kudos to author, Patricia Sargeant, who gives the reader just the right amount of conflict, romance, and resolve in this novella.

The side characters offer just the right balance as they support, or in some cases, undermine the main characters as they work out their situations. As supportive as Anthony’s brother is, at the other end of the spectrum is Constance’s “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” mother.

It was great being reunited with the Brooklyn Monarchs gang after a lengthy hiatus. The stories are so much more than stories about basketball. As for any series, I strongly suggest that you acquaint yourselves with the first three books. [FYI: When the first three novels
SMOOTH PLAY, FAST BREAK, and KEEPING SCORE were published, Patricia Sargeant was writing as Regina Hart.] I recommend GAME PLAN for your reading pleasure. For me, it was like catching up with old friends.

1st June 2017 |