Review: Full Court Seduction
FULL COURT SEDUCTION - Synithia Williams
Harlequin Kimani Romance
January 2017
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Sometimes being different is the very thing that sparks a connection and fans the flames to a lasting love, as illustrated in Synithia Williams’s latest novel, FULL COURT SEDUCTION.

NBA superstar, Jacobe Jenkins is trying to shed his troubles on the court but they persist. With his career on the line, he needs a bold move off court to secure his place on the court. Jacobe’s decision to try philanthropy leads to college friend and environmentalist, Danielle Stewart, who once proved there was more to her than nerdy glasses and sensible clothes. However, they lost contact when Jacobe got drafted to the NBA. Danielle agrees to a mutually beneficial but professional arrangement, while Jacobe is interested in more. As Jacobe works with Danielle to clean up the environment and his image, he discovers Danielle’s need to cling to the dependable because people have proven unreliable most of her life.  Danielle still carries a flame for Jacobe but will not fall for a man who plans to leave her behind again. While Jacobe’s NBA future is of utmost importance; a future with Danielle is becoming equally essential. Jacobe knows changing team means leaving Danielle behind which is an unacceptable loss. Jacobe can win on and off the court if he is willing to stay.

FULL COURT SEDUCTION unfolds at a comfortable pace and maintains avid interest as the bigger picture emerges. At first glance Jacobe seems to be nothing more than a bad boy but after delving more into the story, it is illuminating to discover he is a victim of past events that continue to disrupt his life. The backdrop of Danielle’s relationship with her parents provides clarity and further insight this well-rounded and realistic character.

There is a natural connection between Danielle and Jacobe that flows through as in their chemistry and friendship. The effortless manner in which their relationship resumes and the immediate comfortability; reveals the strength of their connection. While Danielle may appear bookish; she can hold her own in Jacobe’s world.

The title
Full Court Seduction can be interpreted as a play on words because Jacobe is a basketball player and much of his life is centered on the basketball court.  Jacobe must also approach Danielle in a manner which shows he genuinely wants more this time and what better way than through a proper courtship. It is worth mentioning the wonderful supporting characters in the novel that help to develop the story into a rounded and enjoyable -bodied experience.  It would be rather interesting to learn more about them in future novels.

17th April 2017 |