Review: First Love, Second Chance
Garden Avenue Press
September 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: FIRST LOVE SECOND CHANCE incorporates one of my favorite themes in Romance literature. The hero Colt Emerson, professional football player, is set on reclaiming his ex-wife’s love. Shayla Carter is not so sure about Colt’s intentions since he was the one who initiated the annulment that dissolved their marriage. When Colt reappears after nine years with a ring “the size of Texas” and a marriage proposal, will Shayla be able to set aside nine years of anger and a wounded heart in order to give her first love a second chance?

Author, Chanta Rand effectively melds two storylines to give readers a heartwarming story about reclaiming love. Colt Emerson is a big-time baller and playa who is facing a crisis in his career. When the story opens, he is in a quandary about his future in professional football because he is facing a possible cut from his team. As he approaches his penthouse condo, he comes face-to-face with a hooded figure with a gun. It turns out that the would-be robber is a homeless teenage girl. Can his day get any worse? Little does he know that this encounter is going to completely change the course of his life. Our hero goes from worrying about his future as a professional athlete to figuring out how he can adopt a would-be teen robber who steals his heart. After conferring with Social Services, Colt learns there is only one way that he would be considered to be a candidate for adoption. The bachelor has to have a wife. In spite of all the women that Colt has encountered, dated, and bedded, there is only one woman that comes to mind to fill that position.

Enter Shayla Carter, a successful writer, still single and sharing an apartment with her sister, Denyse.  Although Shayla remembers the devastating way Colt ended their marriage by text message, she still has undeniably strong feelings for him. Can Shayla resist his attempts to restore their marriage? Will she consent to his plan to adopt Concepcion aka Cee? Can she get past the fact that Colt listened to his bothers and dropped Shayla like a hot potato just as his pro career was about to take off? I don’t want to disclose any spoilers, but it’s not going to be easy, and Colt definitely has his work cut out for him. It’s meeting Cee that helps Shayla to decide what she will do.

Cee is an unforgettable secondary character who enhances and helps to drive the storyline that focuses on her life issues. Colt is immediately enamored with her, and he is determined to do whatever he can to give her the home life she deserves. By exploring Cee’s character, the subplot provides a brief look at teen homelessness and abuse which adds depth to the story. Speaking of characters, Colt’s two brothers, Ruger and Wesson, also named after a firearm, are unforgettable in their own right, especially Ruger. He is a real piece of work who undergoes an unexpected change. You’ll see what I mean when you read the story.

FIRST LOVE SECOND CHANCE is a delightful contemporary romance that presents a refreshing spin on the familiar theme of second chance love. Chanta Rand gives us great characters plus a solid storyline that equals an entertaining and enjoyable story. I recommend it, and I advise you to give it a chance. You won’t be sorry.

20th August 2017 |