Review: Feel The Heat
FEEL THE HEAT - Cheris Hodges
Harlequin Kimani Romance
February 2017
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: FEEL THE HEAT by Cheris Hodges is a delightful story that explores what happens when opposites attract. Lifestyle blogger, Mimi Collins has gained a loyal following by writing about sex, love, and relationships in the ATL. She is a free spirit, and she writes it as she sees it. However, the subject of one of her blogs didn’t see it as she wrote it, and consequently sues Mimi. In steps her neighbor and celebrated lawyer, Brent Daniels who has a stellar reputation and a no-nonsense approach to the law to represent Mimi in the pending lawsuit. As fate would have it, their lawyer-client relationship gets a little fuzzy as the lawyer finds himself becoming more and more attracted to his client.

Brent can not stop thinking about Mimi; his attraction to her is immediate. But wait a minute, Mimi is trouble and Brent avoids any kind of trouble that might negatively affect his reputation and image. It is paramount that he protects what is left of his family’s name. Why, you may ask? It’s complicated, and you will have to read the story. I will tell you that it involves his best friend, Jamal, Jamal’s mother, brother, and Brent’s father. Now, as for Mimi, she has a bit of wanderlust, and she sees herself living and writing in New Orleans. And yes, she is totally attracted to Brent, but somehow she can’t picture herself, the free-spirited blogger and Brent, the career-oriented lawyer in a meaningful relationship. The HEA for this couple is not going to come easily.

There are two subplots that are directly connected to the main characters. There is the lawsuit in which Mimi is named, and the family conflict that involves Brent. Both subplots help to advance the storyline.

The hero and heroine’s best friends, Jamal and MJ, respectively play important roles as confidents. Since this is a series, I’m almost sure we will see them again with their own story.

FEEL THE HEAT is a good read. I recommend that you get the first book of this new series by author, Cheris Hodges. Enjoy!

17th March 2017 |