Review: Destiny of a Donovan
Artistry Publishing
April 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Arthur concludes her trademark Donovan saga with a touching story of self-discovery and the awareness that results.  In DESTINY OF A DONOVAN she chooses to tell the story of Brynne Donovan and Wade Banks.

Brynne disappears soon after learning which senior Donovan fathered Roslyn Ausby’s son and resurfaces in California at Basset Banks Vineyard the estate of her best friend Lauren Banks and her brother Wade, the primary setting for this novel. Brynne’s father, Bernard, is “a controlling egomaniac” and her mother, Jocelyn, is “a manipulative narcissist”. Neither are equipped to provide the emotional support Brynne needs to battle her long-term weigh problem.  Therefore, she opts for weight loss surgery and to recuperate free of judgement she seeks solace at Basset Banks Vineyard. Brynne helped Lauren through a health crisis in college and now she needs the support of her dear friend.

Wade Banks inherited the responsibility of running the massive vineyard after the death of his over domineering father.  The pressure of running an investment company, the vineyard, and fulfilling the expansion wishes of his late beloved mother weighs heavily on Wade. His bright spot is this quiet, but interesting visitor who is sharing his home. Wade is white and nine years older than Brynne, however, age and waist size are numbers that don’t matter to him. Coincidently, Wade is an investor in Brynne’s cousin’s My Big is Beautiful Forever Foundation and the founder of The Lily Center, a self-worth and self-reliance program. He is a gentle, patient and wise spirit that provides the comfort and support Brynne needs to recuperate and regain her self-esteem.

Roslyn Ausby’s antics provide a suspense subplot.  She never ceases to amaze this family with her evil vendetta. Many of the characters from the Donovan series reappear to attend Noreen Lakefield and Beverly and Alma Donovan’s charity ball which is an appropriate send off for the series. The senior Donovans have encountered many obstacles in the latter part of this series, but Arthur does a wonderful job of typing up loose ends and answering questions that have been looming in the background. Incorporating Brynne’s story is a sweet addition that delivers a powerful message about healing that blends well with the healing the senior Donovans must experience to save the family.

I truly enjoyed this series and sadly accept its conclusion. However, recently Arthur announced to fans that at the very least Dane Donovan’s story is coming as part of a “sexier, more intriguing journey” wrapped in “
The Donovan Dynasty the next chapter”!!

21st May2017 |