Review: Crazy in Love
CRAZY IN LOVE - Crystal Bright
Random House/Lyrical Shine
October 2017
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: The music industry takes center stage in this contemporary romance. There are two tropes at play: riches to rags and rags to riches that are used to build the plot. R & B singer, Chantel Evans (known to her fans and the industry as Shauna Stellar) is struggling to regain her status in the music world after a very public mental breakdown ends her lucrative music career. On the other hand, Truman Woolley and his band mates, the Sliders, have been waiting on that big break into the music industry for ten years. They are so close, but they have yet to hit the top of the record charts. This story takes a look at how two totally opposite types, an R&B singer and a country-western singer, manage to come together motivated by music and love.

Author Crystal B. Bright presents a glimpse of the music industry through characters who have climbed to the top and hit rock bottom, and climbed from the bottom and hit the top. Chantel Evans, once a star, is no longer the darling of the music world. Due to a series of tragic misfortunes, Chantel has to reinvent herself in order to make a comeback. Unbeknownst to her, a locally popular country-western group led by our hero, Tru Woodley, will be her ticket back to the top. Chantel and Tru are testaments to the adage that opposites attract. They make beautiful music together in the bedroom as well as the studio. Throw in some devious lawyers, deceitful ex-lovers, along with destructive drug use, and you have a story that gives a fragmented look into the lives of those who are involved in the music industry.

There are several secondary characters who are memorable and contribute to moving the storyline along. They range from Tru’s precocious five-year-old son, Chantel’s extended family members, to the guys in the band. The Epilogue does an adequate job of tying up some loose ends and producing a satisfying HEA.

I recommend
CRAZY IN LOVE. I think you will enjoy the author’s narrative of the music industry and the defeats and victories of those involved.

4th November 2017 |